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litah Volley Branch 

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Brigham Young University 


Utah County 
Genealogical and 
Historical Society 

! pf; 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2011 with funding from 
Brigham Young University 

'I have ever had a pleasure in obtaining any Utile anecdotes of my ancestors.'' 

< — Benjamin Franklin. 

"He only deserves to be remembered by posterity who treasures up and preserves 
the history oj his ancestors." — Edmund Burke. 

Rogers Family History 



2000 North Broad Street 



*>33 C J r- 

Photograph by Bachrach yg 


Compiler of "Rogers Family Records" 

U. S. Navy 





Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic." 

The name of Rogers shineth high upon the scroll of fame; 
"Nos nos-traque Deo" is Rogers motto that we claim; 
And nearly all the Rogers have pursued a lofty aim. 
The clan goes marching on! 

Chorus: Glory to our grand old family, 
Virile, worthy, brave and loyal! 
Glory to the name of Rogers! 
The clan goes marching on! 

Joseph, Richard, John and James were fathers of our clan; 
Posterity of Henry and Hugh Rogers never ran. 
Sir Edward was quite virile, Robert was a sturdy man. 
The clan goes marching on! 

Our sires of Home, in England, raised their standards to the sky. 
John was the martyr who would never yield but chose to die. 
Robert led his Rangers with the Rogers battle cry. 
The clan goes marching on! 

When the good old ship Mayflower sailed across the sea, 
In sixteen-twenty, Joseph came without a family; 
Today his name is honored by a proud posterity. 
The clan goes marching on! 

When the first steamship ventured across the ocean blue 
Moses Rogers was the captain of the ship and crew. 
Edward served the Queen and to Her Majesty was true. 
The clan goes marching on! 

When danger threatened country, or a battle to be won, 
Or righteous causes need defenders, or work to be done, 
Brave Rogers were right there, and never did a Rogers run. 
The clan goes marching on! 

The Rogers Clan is mighty, with three hundred thousand strong 
In seventy-six, a thousand Rogers fought to right a wrong. 
Twenty towns bear Rogers names. Sure, let us sing that song — 
The clan goes marching on! 

The Rogers sons have courage any task or foe to face; 

The Rogers girls are lovely with their beauty, charm and grace; 

The Rogers leaven is a blessing to the human race. 

The clan goes marching on! 




"Battle Hymn of the Rogerses" 3 

(A) Introduction 5 

(B) The Rogers Coat of Arms 7 

(C) Ancient Rogers Families 8 

(D) Prominent British Rogerses, Past Generations 15 

(E) Prominent British Rogerses of Today 19 

(F) American Rogerses of Royal Descent 21 


(H) Rogerses in the American Revolution 56 

(I) Prominent Rogerses of America, Past Generations 60 

(J) Prominent American Rogerses of Today 65 

(K) Rogers Towns, etc 65 

(L) Rogers Census of The United States 65 

(M) Religions of the Rogerses 66 

(N) References 66 

(O) Blank Forms for Private Family Records 68 


THE Rogers Family is among the forty -nine "best families" selected by 
. the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society 
£^j has published family histories during the past few years. The Rogers 
family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the United States, 
its members having played important roles in war and in peace. Family 
pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Rogerses have 
just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions. 

In references No. 7 and No. 14 we find the following regarding the origin 
and meaning of the name Rogers : 

The personal name of Roger was exceedingly common all over the country 
in the 13th century. It vied with Robert, John and William for popularity 
(or several centuries. Early registers teem with the name and many persons 
bearing it are recorded as tenants in Domesday Book. The Christian name 
developed into the surname of Rogers, Rodgers, Rogerson, etc. 

In the reign of Edward II, Roger de Norbury had a grant of the estate 
Df Home. His son took the name of Rogers and his posterity continue to 
reside at Home under that appelation. 

The family of Rogers of Wisdome, Devon, baronets, descend from John 
Rogers, prebendary of St. Paul's, the first victim of the Marian persecution. 

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. We have 
selected what we consider the most important material. Many of the 
laughters, and sons for whom no issue was shown, have been omitted from 
:he pedigrees. A missing symbol indicates that a name has been omitted. 
Those desiring further information are advised to consult the volumes men- 
tioned in the list of References. 

The compiler hopes that, in producing this volume he is bringing to the 
Rogers family information which will be of interest and value to them, and 
:nat he is rendering an important service to the public. He and his associates 
will be glad to give their cooperation to members of the family who are inter- 
ested in having a complete genealogy of the family published. 

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names 
ire accompanied by three figures are children of the immediately preceding 
persons bearing immediately preceding numbers. All persons in each group 
rearing the same letter as a part of their numbers, are directly related. The 
;enerations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are 
•epresented as follows. However, some of our material is published as copied 
rom various records without rearrangement according to this system. 

fenerations 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 

Symbols (1), etc. 

fenerations 6th 

Symbols a, etc. 

(A), etc. 

(a), etc. 

1, etc. 

A, etc 





(I), etc. 

(i), etc. 

I, etc. 

i, etc. 

Abbreviations: add., address; b., born; ch., children; coll., college; d 
died; d.y., died young; d.w.i., died without issue; dau., daughter; grad 
graduated; L, lives, lived; m., married, moved; s., son, succeeded; d.s.p 
died without issue; d.v.p., died before father; univ., university. 



A"^ COAT of Arms is an emblem or a device which is displayed by titled 
persons, persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of 
SJjjSJJ Arms were originally used for purposes of identification and recogni- 
tion on the field of battle as well as in civil life. 

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were 
used by Noah's sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of 
Arms, in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. 
Heraldry, however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance 
until soon after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, A. D. 
1066. Heraldry became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades. 

The Rogers Coat of Arms shown in the front of this volume is the Arm s 
of the Rogers, Baronets of Devonshire, of which family was John Rogers, the 
Martyr, progenitor of several families whose pedigrees are contained in this 
book. Coats of Arms very similar to it are used by the Rogers of Wisdome, 
Co. Devon, Bart.; Yarlington; Barons Blackford, and many others. Numer- 
ous other branches of the family have Coats of Arms resembling it. 

This is the most widely used of all Rogers Coats of Arms and has been in 
existence for many centuries. It is described in BURKE'S GENERAL 
BARONETAGE, BETHAM'S BARONETAGE and other reliable works on 
heraldry, in some cases accompanied by illustrations. It is the Arms of the 
New England families descended from the Martyr, and has been used for 
generations by their descendants and by many other American branches of 
the Rogers family. 





Argent, a chevron gules 
between three bucks cour- 
ant sable. 

On a mount vert, between 
two laurel branches of the 
last, a buck courant proper. 

Nos nostraque Deo. 



A silver shield bearing a red 
chevron between three run- 
ning bucks, all black. 

On a green mount, between 
two green laurel branches, a 
buck in natural colors. 

We and ours to God. 

Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said "Heraldry is prized 
3V all who can show honorable ancestry or wish to found honorable families/' 

Besides its family significance this Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural 
iecoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it. 

It is quite appropriate that members of the Rogers family who have a 
pride in their ancestry should display the family Coat of Arms, in proper 

[See also Chapter (G)] 

HE following titled Rogers families are listed in BURKE'S GENERAL 
ARMORY: Lanke, Co. Cornwall; Penrose, Co. Cornwall; Bryn- 
tangor, in Bryn Eglwys, Co. Denbigh; Wisdome, Co. Devon, Bart.; 
Baron Blachford; Bristol and Eastwood, Co. Gloucester; Pilton, Co. Devon; 
Rainscombe, Co. Wilts; Bradford, Co. Somerset; Cannington, Co. Somer- 
set; Yarlington, Co. Somerset; The Home, Co. Salop; Stanage Park, Co. 
Radnor; Chelmsford, Co. Essex, Purton, Co. Gloucester; Deritend, Co. 
Warwick, and Sunbury, Co. Middlesex; Co. Kent, 1593; Co. Kent, and Brad- 
ford, Co. Wilts; London; Coulston, Co. Norfolk; Stourbridge, Co. Wor- 
cester, The Hill, Amblecote, Co. Stafford, and London; Little Nesse, Co. 
Salop, 1576; Edmonton, Co. Middlesex, Richard Rogers; Bryanstone, Co. 
Dorset; Dowdeswell, Co. Gloucester; Coxwell-Rogers, Dowdeswell, Co. 
Gloucester; Rev. John Rogers; Cadbury House, Co. Somerset; Co. Dorset 
(two families); Wrexham, Co. Denbigh; Balismo; Brompton Park, Co. 
Middlesex, and Calcutta, East Indies; Lota, Co. Cork. 

Rogers of Yarlington 

This family was originally of Bristol, and in the 16th century held a 
prominent place among the merchants of that city. 

A 101 Richard Rogers: of the parish of St. Thomas; first who is mentioned 
in the grant of arms; d. 1587. 

(1) Richard: Sheriff of Bristol, 1595; d. 1599. 

(A) Matthew. 

(B) Richard— A 102. 

(2) Robert: 1553-1633; m. Eleanor Cooper; had, with other issue, 
(A) Sir Richard: of Bristol, and of Eastwood, Co. Gloucester; 

Sheriff of Co. Gloucester, 1623; 1594-1635; m. Mary Marten 
(sister of the celebrated republican and regicide, Col. Henry 
Marten). It was at the house of Lady Rogers that Col. 
Nathaniel Fiennes had his headquarters, when holding Bristol 
for the Long Parliament. 

(3) Nicholas. 

A102 Richard [A101— (1)— (B)]: father of, 

A103? John: of Chaxhill, Westbury-on-Severn; d. 1690. 

(1) Nicholas: of Westbury-on-Severn; d. 1699. 

(2) Thomas— A104. 
A104 Thomas: of All Saints', Worcester; d. 1721. 

A105 Thomas: of Besford Court, Co. Worcester; 1704-1773; m. 1725, Mary 

Engelsby . 
A106 John: High Sheriff of Somerset, 1804; 1743-1821; m. 1774, Anne 

Reynolds Robinson. 

(1) Francis: his heir — A107. 

(2) George: 1790-1862; unm. 

(3) Robert Green (Rev.): 1800-1876; Rector of Yarlington, 1826- 
1876; m. (1), 1834, Mary Theodora Johnson (dau. of friend and 
kinsman of poet, Cowper); m. (2), Lucy Pine-Coffin; m. (3), Eliz. 
Harbin Gooden. 

(A) Arthur Johnson (Rev.): 1846-1908; M.A.; Rector of Yar- 
lington, 1876-1908; m. (1), 1876, Nora Fielding; m. (2), 
1887, Gertrude Mary Ramsden; issue. 

A107 Francis [A106— (1)]: of Yarlington; 1784-1863; as capt. raised a 
company in the 1st E. Somerset Vol., in 1803, on premeditated invasion 
of Napoleon; m. 1815, Cath. Eliz. Bickley. 

(1) Thomas Englesby: late of Yarlington — A 108. 

(2) John Francis: of The Lawn, Swannington, Norfolk; formerly an 
Asst. Commissary-Gen. to Her Majesty's Forces; 1826-1901; 
m. (1), 1862, Mary Ann Bartell; m. (2), 1871, Maria Holmes 
Young, of Montreal. Ch. : Lionel Wadsworth (b. 1866); John 
Englesby; Basil Englesby (b. 1874); Gerard John Bickley (b. 
1875); Hugh Thornton (b. 1879); Harry Denton (b. 1880); Gordon 
Pickering (b. 1884); Bruce Hildyard (b. 1885). 

(3) Benjamin Bickley: of Lincoln's Inn; Barrister-at-law; M.A.; 
Hon. Litt.D.; Hon. Fellow and late Fellow of Wadham Coll., 
Oxford; the well-known translator of Aristophanes; lived 1828- 
1919; m. 1861, Ellen Susanna Herring. 

(A) Francis Robert Bickley: b. 1869. 

(B) Richard Bickley: 1872-1907. 

(C) Ellen Maud Bickley: m. Herbert Edwin Wright, Barrister-at- 
law, now of Yarlington, assumed additional surname and arms 
of Rogers— A 109. 

A108 Thomas Englesby [A107 — (1)]: of Yarlington, Somerset; J. P. and 
D.L.; Barrister-at-law; Recorder of Wills, 1884-1903; Deputy Chair- 
man of Somerset Quarter Sessions, 1870-92; Chancellor of the Diocese 
of Bath and WellsTl 884-1 903; formerly Fellow of Corpus Christi Coll., 
Oxford; lived 1817-1912; m. 1853, Eliz. Hannah Stanger; s. by nephew- 

A 109 Herbert Edwin Wright Rogers [A107— (3)— (C)]: O. B. E. ; of 
Yarlington, Somerset; J. P.; educated at Charterhouse and Trin. 
Coll., Camb.; M.A.; LL.B.; Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn); b. 
1864; m. 1892, Ellen Maud Bickley Rogers. 
(1) Edwin George Englesby: M. C; 2nd lieut. 7th Batt. Somerset 

L. I.; educated at Eton and Balliol Coll., Oxford; 1893-1916; k. 

in action. 

(2) Roger Benjamin Bickley: Capt. and Adjt. 3rd Batt. Gren. Gds.; 
educ. at Rugby and University Coll., Oxford; b. 1897. 

Co It man- Rogers of Stan age Park 

B110 Robert de Norbury: of North Lydbury, Salop. His great grandson, 

Bill Roger de Norbury: m. Margery (dau. of Thomas Schire de la Home); 
became possessed of estates in Home, 1314. 

B112 John Rogers de la Home: took surname of Rogers from his father's 
Christian name; by deed dated 36 Edward III (1363), obtained from 
Philip le Mercer all his estates in Home where he settled; from that 
time to present, his descendants have held the estate of Home and 
resided there. From him was lineally descended, 

B113 Rev. Edward Rogers: M.A.; of The Home; Rector of Myndtown, 
Salop; m. Mary Like. 

B114 Thomas Rogers: of The Home; 1749-1794; m. Mary Vanzoelen 

B115 Rev. John Rogers: Lord of Home, Wentnor, Salop; Rector of Mynd- 
town and Maidstone, Salop; 1789-1856; m. 1816, Marianne Bodenham. 

(1) John: of The Home— Bl 16. 

(2) Edward: of Inverness Terrace, Kensington Gardens; 1818-1891; 
m. 1866, Ada Deane. Ch.: Edward Thomas; Francis Bodenham. 

(3) Thomas Percival (Rev.): M.A.; Vicar of Batheaston, Somerset; 
b. 1821; m. (1), 1852, Kath. Mackarness; m. (2), Mary Broome. 
Ch.: Percy John Mackarness; Edmund de Norbury; Arthur; 
George Herbert. 

(4) Henry James Vanzoelen: b. 1833. 

B116 Rev. John Rogers [Bl 15— (1)]: M.A.; of The Home, and of Stanage 
Park; J. P. Cos. Hereford, Radnor, and Salop; 1817-1878; m. 1851, 
Charlotte Victoria Newbold. 

(1) Charles Coltman: now of Stanage Park — B117. 

(2) Edward Powys: 1855-1920; m. 1881, Charlotte Williams. 

(A) Charles Michael: b. 1884. 

(B) Harry Powys: lieut. R. N.; lost his life in H. M. S. Monmouth, 
at battle of Coronel, 1915. 

(C) John Davenport: 1857-1914. 

(D) Arthur de Norbury: b. 1862; d.y. 

(E) George Frank Vanzoelen: 1864-1900. 

B117 Charles Coltman Coltman-Rogers : of Stanage Park, Co. Radnor, 
and The Home, Salop; M.A.; J. P. Cos. Radnor, Salop and Hereford; 
High Sheriff, Co. Radnor, 1882; Vice-lieut. Co. Radnor, 1921; M. P., 
Radnor, 1884-85; Chairman Radnor C. C. since 1896; Chairman Local 
Educ. Auth. since 1896; Chairman Standing Joint Committee, since 
1896; Chairman Territorial Assoc, 1910; various agricultural and 
educ. associations, including Council of Royal Agric. Soc. since 1896, 
Vice-Pres., 1918; assumed by Royal Licence, 1919, the surname of 
Coltman (from maternal grandfather) before that of Rogers, and arms 


of Coltman quarterly with his own family arms; b. 1854; m. 1888, 
Muriel Augusta Gillian Chapman. 

(1) Guy Coltman: Capt. Shropshire Yeo.; D. L., Co. Radnor; b. 1891; 
m. 1920, Phyllis Mary Egerton; issue. 

(2) Julian Coltman: late R. N.; b. 1898. 

Rogers of Penrose 

CI 18 John Rogers: of Truthwall, near Godolphin; 1625-1690. 

C119 John: ofTreassowe; 1653-1725; held several successive offices in the 
Stannaries; a Deputy Vice-Adm. for S. Cornwall; a Capt. of Militia; 
m. (1), Thornasine Bawden; m. (2), Eliz. Julian; his son and his heir 
by 2nd wife, 

C120 John: ofTreassowe; D. L.; 1690-1768; m. (1), cousin Amelia Baw- 
den; m. (2), Cath. Rogers. 

C121 Hugh: of Treassowe and Penrose; D. L.; 1719-1773; m. 1746, Anne 
Bishop; sheriff of Cornwall, 1770. 

C122 John: of Treassowe and Penrose : J. P. and D. L.; M. P.; 1750-1832; 
m. 1776, Margaret Bassett (sister of Lord De Dunstanville). 

(1) John: his heir — C123. 

(2) Hugh (Rev.): B.A., Jesus Coll., Camb.; Rector of Camborne; 
lived 1780-1858; m. 1815, Frances Jenkins. 

(A) Francis: 1816-1885; unm. 

(B) HughSt.Aubyn (Rev.): B.A., Exeter Coll., Oxon; 1820-1891; 

(C) David: 1821-1844; unm. 

(D) Frederick John: 1823-1844; unm. 

(E) Hender: 1824-1860; unm. 

(F) Reginald Bassett (Rev.) : Vicar of Sancreed, Penzance; B.A., 
Oxon; 1830-1899; m. 1876, Laura Augusta Stuart. 

(a) Hugh Stuart: C. M. G.; D. S. O.; lieut.-col. Shropshire 
L. L; b. 1875; m.; issue. 

(b) Francis St. Aubyn: b. 1879. 

(c) Reginald Bassett: b. 1881; m. 1909, Laura Mary Muriel 

(d) William Hender Molesworth: b. 1883. 

C123 Rev. John [C122— (1)]: of Treassowe and Penrose; M.A.; Canon of 
Exeter Cathedral; J. P.; 1778-1856; m. (1), 1814, Mary Jope; m. (2), 
1843; Grace Fursdon. 

(1) John Jope: his heir — C124. 

(2) William (Rev.): M. A.; Rector Mawnan; 1817-1889; m. 1860, 
Anna Barnes. 

(A) Ralph Barron: M.A., Oxon; b. 1862; m. 1899, his cousin, 
Edith Mary Rogers. 

(3) Reginald: of Carwinion, Falmouth; 1819-1877; m. 1853, Mary 
Frances Nankivel. 


(A) Reginald Nankivel: of Carwinion, Falmouth; b. 1854; m. 
1881, Mary Constance Hext. 

(a) Reginald: 2nd lieut., 7th Batt. Rifle Brig.; 1882-1916; 
k. in action on Somme. 

(b) Hugh Hext: M. V. O.; O. B. E.; comm. R. N.; comm. 
Renown during H. R. H. Prince of Wales tours in Canada 
and Australia; b. 1883; m. 1912, Agnes Helena Trevelyan 

1. Cecil Trevelyan Hext: b. 1918. 

(c) Edward Ambrose Gordon: Capt. R. G. A.; lived 1886— 
1916; d. on service through motor accident. 

(d) Douglas Penerell: Midshipman R. N.; 1888-1906. 

(B) Arthur: b. 1856; m. 1908, Margaret Hext. 

(C) Hugh Henry: D. S. O.; lieut.-col. (ret.), R. A.; b. 1858; m. 
1886, Fanny Rose Gibbs. 

(a) Hugh: b. 1890. 

(D) William Frederick Charles: 1861-1914; m. 1896, Millicent 
Evelyn Backhouse. 

(a) Wilfred Edmund: 2nd lieut. Rifle Brig.; b. 1899. 

(E) John: b. 1864; m. 1896, Madeline Poyn. 
(a) John Percival: b. 1897. 

(4) Saltren (Rev.) : M.A.; Hon. Canon of Truro; Rural Dean; Vicar 
ofGwennap; 1823-1905; m. 1856, Julia Lucy Mann. 

(A) Gerald Saltren (Rev.): B.A.; Curate of Branksome, Bourne- 
mouth; 1859-1905; m. 1886, Louisa Caroline Cornish. 

(B) Horace Trevelyan: 1860-1887. 

(C) Henry Cornwallis: b. 1865. 

(5) Henry: Capt. (ret.) R. N.; b. 1820; m. (1), 1860, Jane Mary 
Enys; m. (2), 1877, Eugenia Shortland. 

(A) Enys Henry (Rev.): of Enys Cornwall; s. uncle, John David 
Enys, 1912 (by Royal Licence, 1913, assumed surname and 
arms of Enys); M. A. Kehle Coll., Oxford; Vicar of St. 
Stephen's Church, Brighton; b. 1861; m. 1896, Sarah Louisa 
Dufifus, of Philadelphia; had, with other issue, 

(a) Charles Reginald Sattren: b. 1897. 

(B) Charles Gilbert: CLE.; Fellow of Cooper's Hill; F. L. S.; 
b. 1864; m. 1906, Lydia Mary Wallace. 

(C) Earnest: B.A., Oxon; Ind. C. S.; b. 1865, m. 1895, Rebecca 
Tucker; issue. 

(D) Claude Somerset: b. 1867; m. 1908, Elsie Mary Anderson, of 
Trinidad; issue. 

(E) Leonard (Sir): C. I. E.; M.D., Lond.; F. R. C. S.; F. R. C. 
P.; lieut.-col. Ind. Medical Service; Professor of Pathology, 
Calcutta; Bacteriologist to Govt, of India; b. 1868. 

(F) Kenneth St. Aubyn (Rev.) : C. M. S.; Missionary in British 
E. Africa; M.A., Oxon; b. 1869. 


(G) John Davies: Comm. R. N. (ret.): b. 1872; m. 1914, Eliz. 

Alexandrina Macdonald. 
(H) Edward: lieut. R. N.; b. 1882. 
(I) Frederick William: b. 1892. 
(J) Henry Peverell: b. 1896. 
C124 John Jope (C123— (1)]: Treassowe and Penrose; M.P. for Helston, 
1859-65; 1816-1880; m. 1844, Maria Hichens. 

(1) John Peverell: now of Penrose, CI 25. 

(2) Charles Fursdon (Rev.): M.A., Trin. Coll., Oxon; late Vicar of 
Penzance, Cornwall; b. 1848; m. 1877, Frances Fox Harvey. 

(A) Woodis Pascal: b. 1883. 

(3) Reginald William Scott: Capt. (ret.) R. N.; 1851-1910; unm. 

(4) Andrew Trevarthian: 1853-1880; unm. 

(5) Robert Henry: 1855-1881; unm. 

(6) Philip Powys: 1857-1889; unm. 

(7) Frederick Evelyn: b. 1860; M.A., Trin. Coll., Oxon; m. 1888, 
Sibyl Shaw. 
(A) Philip Morton: b. 1896. 

(8) Francis Bassett: b. 1862; M.A., Oxon. 

(9) Walter: b. 1864; M.A., Oxon. 

C125 John Peverell [C124 — (1)]: of Penrose, Co. Cornwall; J. P.; Capt. 
R. A. (ret.): b. 1846; m. 1880, Maria Adelaida Milaro (dau. of Italian 
Consul at Oueenstown). 

(1) John Lionel: Capt. Cornwall (Fortress) Engineers; b. 1880; m. 
1911, Evelyn Ford. 

(2) Robert Peverell: Capt. Wiltshire Reg t.; b. 1892. 

(3) Adelaide Maude. 

(4) Elsie Margaret. 

Rogers of River Hill 

D126 Samuel Rogers: d. 1746; issue. 

D127 Thomas: 1695-1758; m. 1724, Martha Davis. 

D128 John: of Sun Court, Cornhill; 1729-1796; m. 1762, Mary Neal; had, 

with other issue, 
D129 John: of Upper Footing, Surrey; 1768-1840; m. 1798, Eliz. Wellford. 

D130 John: of River Hill; F. R. S.; J. P.; 1807-1867; m. 1833, Harriet 

(1) John Thornton: of whom presently — D131. 

(2) Reginald Wellford (Rev.): M.A.; Vicar of Cookham, Berks; m. 
1871, Emelia Sophia Thornton; d. 1910. 
(A). Reginald Thornton: 1875-1900; unm. 

(3) Henry Middleton: late Bengal C. S.; m. 1880, Rose Janet Fell. 

(4) Arthur Parry: late 68th Foot; J.P.Devon; 1843-1907; m. 1868, 
Florence Maria Unwin. 

(5) Walter Francis: m. Louisa Curteis; d. 1895. 


D131 John Thornton: of River Hill, Kent; J. P. and D. L.; formerly cap t. 
33rd regt.; lived 1834-1900; m. 1862, Margaret Bagwell. 

(1) JohnMiddleton: now of River Hill— D 132. 

(2) Arthur Edward: M.A., Oxon; b. 1871; m. 1902, Lily Eleanor 
(A) Arthur John Patrick: b. 1913. 

D132 Lieut.-Col. John Middleton: D. S. O. (1900); of River Hill, Co. 
Kent; High Sheriff, 1918; late lieut.-col. 2nd Co. London Imp. Yeo.; 
b. 1864; m. (1), 1899, Muriel Blanche Gwendoline Morrison-Bell; 
m. (2), 1921, Hilda Stevenson. 

(1) John Earnest Middleton: b. 1900. 

(2) Peter Bagwell: b. 1908. 

(3) David Morrison: b. 1909. 

(4) Pa'ience Muriel. 

(5) Felicity Margaret. 

Coxwell- Rogers of Dowdeswell 

E133 Richard Rogers: of Dowdeswell; m. Mary Browne. 

(1) William: a Master of the High Court of Chancery; d. unm., 1734. 

(2) John: m. and had, 

(A) John: Rector of Dowdeswell; d. unm. 

(B) William: Barrister-at-Law; d. unm. 

(C) Richard: m. Mary Lynch. 

(a) William: d. s. p. 

(b) Richard (Rev.): LL.B.; m. Miss Curtis. 

1. Hester Rogers: of Dowdeswell. 

2. Anne: m. 1796, Rev. Charles Coxwell, of Ablington 

(c) John: m. Miss Appleyard; issue. 

(d) Edward: of Dowdeswell; d. unm., 1810; devised estates 
to niece, Hester Rogers. 

E134 Rev. Charles Coxwell: M. A.; of Ablington House, Co. Gloucester; 
J. P. and D. L.; Rector of Dowdeswell; 1771-1854; m. 1796, Anne 

(1) Edward Rogers: J. P. and D. L.; d. s. p. 

(2) Richard Rogers: E135. 

(3) Charles Coxwell: of Malvern, Co. Worcester; J. P. and D. L.; one 
of the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, 1828-36; 1806-1893; 
m. 1829, Mary Elizabeth Cresswell. 

(4) William Coxwell (Rev.): M. A.; assumed by Royal Licence, 1854, 
the additional surname and arms of Rogers; Rector of Dowdes- 
well, 1854-94; lived 1809-1899; m. 1841, Charlotte Skinner 
Nicholls; issue. 

E135 Richard Rogers Coxwell-Rogers [E134— (2)]: F. S. A.; ofAbling 
ton Manor, and Dowdeswell, Co. Gloucester; J. P. and D. L.; High 
Sheriff, 1857; assumed by Royal Licence, 1850, the additional name and 
arms of Rogers; 1803-1876; m. 1848, Elinor Baker. 


(1) Richard Massy Gordon: 1850-1860; accidentally drowned at 

(2) Charles Edward: 1853-1892. 

(3) Godfrey Hugh Wheeler: 1857-1913; m. 1882, Aileen Emma Barry. 
(A) Richard Hugh: 1883-1915; killed in action. 

(4) Ellen Eliza Ann: now of Upper Dowdeswell; m. 1877, Geo. Ed. 
Beale Beale Browne: issue — E136. 

(5) Grace Florence: now of Dowdeswell. 

E136a Ellen Eliza Ann: (Mrs. G. E. Beale Browne) now of Ablington 

Manor, and Dowdeswell Court, Co. Gloucester. 
El36b Grace Florence Coxwell-Rogers: now of Ablington Manor, and 

Dowdeswell Court, Co. Gloucester. 

Rogers of Rainscombe 

F137 Rev. Henry Rogers: Rector of Heddington; m. Ellen Pyke of Rains- 

?138 Rev. Robert: of Rainscombe; Rector of Heddington; m. Eliza 

<T39 Rev. Benjamin: of Rainscombe; m. Eliz. Johnson; had, with other 

<T40 Rev. James: D.D.; of Rainscombe; m. 1788, Catherine Newman. 

r 141 Francis James Newman: of Rainscombe; L. C; Recorder of Exeter; 
1791-1851; m. 1822, Julia Eleanora Yea. 

(1) Francis Newman: his heir — F142. 

(2) Edward Henry: late of Rainscombe — F143. 

(3) Walter Lacy: M.A. of Balliol Coll., Oxford; Barrister-at-Law; J. 
P., Wilts; m. (1), 1868, Hermione Lucy Hamilton; m. (2), 1873, 
Sophia Mary Coore Paton; d. 1885. 

(A) Francis Edward Newman: now of Rainscombe — F144. 

(B) Walter Lacy Yea: D. S. O., Lieut. -col. R. F. A.; b. 1888. 
^142 Francis Newman [F141— (1)]: of Rainscombe; J. P.; 1826-1859; 

unm.; s. by brother. 

143 Rev. Edward Henry [F141— (2)]: of Rainscombe, Co. Wilts; M. A.; 
late Fellow of King's Coll., Camb.; Vicar of Thames Ditton, 1860-97; 
lived 1827-1910; s. by nephew, 

144 Francis Edward Newman [F141 — (3) — (A)]: of Rainscombe, Co. 
Wilts; J. P.; M. P. for Devizes Div. of Wiltshire, 1906-10; Small 
Holding Commissioner of Board of Agriculture, 1911; B.A., Oxon; b., 
1868; m. 1893, Louisa Annie Jennings. 

(1) Francis Henry Newman: b., 1903. 

(2) Hermione Angela. 

(3) Sylvia Agnes. 


Benjamin Rogers: (1614-1698); organist and composer; in 1639 became 
'ganist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin; as early as 1653 the fame of 


Rogers' "Sets of Ayres in Four Parts" extended to the court of the emperor; 
when Ingelo went as a chaplain to the Swedish embassy upon the restoration, 
he presented to Queen Christina some of Rogers' music which was performed 
to her great content by the Italian musicians at the Swedish court; he won a 
high reputation in England by his music for the services of the established 
church and by his restoration of important choirs. His "Court-Masquing 
Ay res" were performed with great applause in Holland. Rogers' hymn 
"Te Patrem Colionus" has been used every evening as grace in the coll. hall 
at Oxford since his time, and is also sung annually on Magdalen tower every 
Mayday morning. 

Charles: (1711-1784); art collector; acquired his taste for the fine arts 
and books collected from Wm. Townson, who left Rogers his estate and home 
which housed many valuable art treasures; with the help of friends abroad, 
added greatly to the collection; after many years it was sold, taking 24 days 
and realized £3,886. The remainder was given to the Plymouth Public 

Charles: (1825-1890); Scottish author; in 1855 was chaplain of the 
garrison at Stirling Castle; while there was a member of the town council 
in 1863 went to London to devote himself to literary work; his earliest efforts K 
were journalistic, but Scottish history, literature and genealogy were through 
out his life the chief studies of his leisure; his researches along these lines provec 
of value; as early as 1854 Columbia Coll., N. Y., had given him the degree » 
of LL.D.; was made a D.D., 1881, by the Un. of St. Andrews; a member n 
fellow or correspondent of numerous learned socieites, British, foreign anc | 
colonial, and an associate of the Imperial Archaeological Society of Russia 

Daniel: (15387-1591); diplomatist; graduated B.A. at Oxford, in 1561 
was introduced to court by Queen Elizabeth's secretary who had been 
friend of his father's; Rogers went with Sir Wm. Winter to Antwerp anc 
accompanied an important embassy to the Netherlands to treat with the Duk< 
of Orange; also negotiated the terms there on which Elizabeth was to lenc 
£20,000 to the States-General; he carried the sympathy of his queen U 
Denmark to the young king on the death of his father, Frederic II; Roger:] 
was a man of scholarly tastes and wrote Latin verses. 

Sir Edward: (14987-1567?); comptroller of Queen Elizabeth's household 
at the coronation of Edward VI he was dubbed a knight of the carpet, and ii| 
1549 was one of the four principal gentlemen of the privy chamber; unde 
Elizabeth he was vice-chamberlain, capt. of the guard and a privy councillor 
in 1560 succeeded Sir Thomas Parry as comptroller. 

Ezekiel: (15847-1661); colonist; educated at Cambridge; chaplain ii 
the family of Sir Francis Barrington of Essex; was conspicuous at Rowley a 
a preacher and attached himself to the puritan party; in 1638 Rogers cam 
with a party of 20 families to New England; he and his companions establishec 
themselves as a township to which they gave the name of their old home 
Rowley; Rogers was appointed pastor of the new township. 

Francis James Newman: (1791-1851); legal writer; educated at Oxford 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple; he practiced in the common-law cour 





as a special pleader; from 1835 till his death he was recorder of Exeter; from 
1842 deputy judge-advocate-general; he was author of legal books. 

Frederic: Lord Blackford; (1811-1889); Rogers made a very splendid 
record at Oxford and was called to the bar in 1837; in 1844 entered official 
life in London; was first registrar of joint-stock companies and a commissioner 
of lands and immigration; under-secretary of state for the colonies, 1860; 
succeeded his father as 8th baronet; was created K.C.M.G., G.C.M.G. and a 
privy councillor; raised to the peerage as Baron Blackford, 1876. 

George: M.D.; (1618-1697); physician; fellow of the Coll. of Physicians 
of London, and president in 1681; he delivered the Harveian oration which 
was published the following year. 

Henry: (1806-1877); Edinburgh reviewer and Christian apologist; 
educated at private schools and by his father; a man of profound piety and 
more than ordinary culture; entered the congregationalist ministry; lecturer 
Dn rhetoric and logic at Highbury Coll. ; in 1836 he was appointed to the chair 
:>f English language and literature at University Coll., London; in 1839 English 
literature and languages, mathematics and mental philosophy in Spring Hill 
oil. After 20 years he gave his full attention to literary pursuits; he published 
assays, poems and contributed articles to the "Encyclopaedia Brittanica"; 
..lis piety was united with a keen and skeptical intellect. 

James Erwin Thorold: (1823-1890); political economist; educated at 

Oxford; curate of St. Paul's Oxford; lost sympathy with the tractarian move- 

nent in 1860, and abandoned the clerical profession; contributed to classical 

iterature and was examined in the final classical school; in 1859 professor of 

;tatistics and economic science at King's Coll., London; was also examiner in 

>olitical economy at the University of London: a member of parliament. 

John: (15007-1555); first martyr in the Marion persecution; an orthodox 

Catholic priest, but while at Antwerp he met Wm. Tindal who was engaged 

n his translation of the Old Testament into English; their intimacy led Rogers 

> abandon the doctrines of Rome; at Wittenberg Rogers took charge of a 

cotestant congregation; Tindal, who was burned alive, gave to Rogers the 

^complete translation of the Old Testament and the latter finished it; although 

ie did little of the translation, to him are due the valuable prefatory matter 

nd the marginal notes; returned to London, 1548; appointed to the valuable 

»rebend of St. Pancras in St. Paul's Cathedral; divinity lecturer in the cathe- 

ral. The day before Mary was proclaimed queen, Rogers preached, by 

rder of Queen Jane's council, at Paul's Cross. He boldly set forth "such 

rue doctrines as he and others had then taught in King Edward's days, 

xhorting the people constantly to remain in the same, and to beware of an 

11 lolatry and superstition." For using such language he was summoned before 

ai tie council. He explained that he was merely preaching the religion established 

y parliament; in 1555 Rogers and 10 other protestant preachers were brought 

e( efore the privy council; Rogers held that he was not a heretic; he was con- 

emned to death; before the fire was kindled he was offered a pardon, con- 

itional on recantation, but he refused life under such conditions. 

John: (1679-1729); divine; presented, 1704, to the vicarage of Buckland, 
here he was popular as a preacher; in 1726, became chaplain- in-ordinary 



to George II, then Prince of Wales; Rogers was a clear writer and an able 

John: (17407-1814); Irish seceding divine; prof, of divinity for the Irish 
burgher synod, and was clerk of the synod from 1779 till his death; Rogers 
published sermons and dialogue in which he discussed the attitude of reformed 
and the seceding Presbyterians towards the civil power. 

Nehemiah: (1593-1660); divine; probable grandson of John Rogers, 
Martyr; fellow of Jesus Coll; vicar of Messing, Essex; in 1636, was presented 
by the king to a stall in Ely Cathedral. Rogers wrote ably on the parables, 
in a learned and quaint style, his expositions having now become exceedingly 

Philip Hutchings: (17867-1853); painter; b. at Plymouth; educated 
at grammar school under John Bedlake who encouraged his taste for art. 
Bedlake sent Rogers to London to study for several years, maintaining him 
at his own expense; the artist chose principally as subjects, wide expanses 
of water under sunlight or golden haze; exhibited 91 pictures 1808-1851, 
chiefly at the Royal Academy and British Institution. 

Robert: (1727-1800); colonel; b. in New Hampshire where his father 
was one of the early settlers; gained great celebrity as commander of "Rogers 
Rangers" in the war with the French in North America; a precipice near 
Lake George is named "Rogers Slide" after his escape down it from the In- 
dians; he was sent to destroy the Indian Village of St. Francis and to capture 
Detroit and other ports west ceded by the French; he accomplished both 
these missions; went to England where, 1765, he printed his "Journals" 
which attracted George IIFs favorable notice; was governor of Mackinaw, 
Mich., and colonel in the British army in America. 

Samuel: (1763-1855); poet; familiarized himself with the works of 
Johnson, Goldsmith and Gray, who remained his models throughout his life; 
he contributed several essays to the Gentleman's Magazine, and wrote the 
opera "The Vintage of Burgundy"; in 1786, he published anonymously 
"Ode to Superstition"; visited Scotland, and became acquainted with almost 
every Scottish man of Letters; in 1792 published anonymously the poem with 
which his name as a poet is most intimately associated, "The Pleasures of 
Memory"; in a short time it had gone through fifteen editions; in 1850 Rogers $ 
was offered the laureatship on the death of Wordsworth, but he declined it. 

Thomas: (1760-1832); divine; b. near Leeds; head master of the Wakefield 
grammar school, 1795, and was given the afternoon lectureship at St. John's; 
conducted confirmation classes so successfully that a weekly lectureship was 
founded in order to allow him to permanently continue his instruction. His 
Sunday evening lectures were thronged, and raised the stagnant tone and 
religious feeling; in 1817 was chaplain of the West Riding house of correction; 
effected many prison reforms. 

William: (d. 1610); engraver; first Englishman who is known to have 
practised copper-plate engraving; probably studied art at the school of the 
Wierix family at Antwerp; he engraved some portraits of Queen Elizabeth 
which are now very scarce; also engraved the large picture of Henry VIII 






and his family, attributed to Lucas de Heere, at Sudeley Castle; Rogers did 
much engraving for books. 

William: (1819-1896); educational reformer; s. of William, a barrister 
of Lincoln's Inn and a London Police Magistrate; Rogers was curate of St. 
Thomas, a parish containing 10,000 people; he remained there 18 years 
and devoted himself to helping the social condition of the people by means 
of education; opened a school for ragamuffins in a blacksmith's shed; in 1847 
opened a large school building, erected at a cost of £1,750; another was 
completed in a year at the cost of £5,500 and still another in Golden Lane; in 
1858 Rogers was a member of the royal commission to inquire into popular 
education ; was also chaplain in-ordinary to the queen; rector of St. Botolph's 
where he devoted himself largely to the foundation of middle-class schools; 
Rogers was a man of great social gifts, broad views and was a real benefactor 
to education. 

William Gibbs: (1792-1875); wood-carver; b. at Dover, showed an 
*arly taste for drawing and modelling; was apprenticed to one McLauchlin. 
Although young Rogers possessed much original skill himself, he was attracted 
by the beautiful wood carving and modelling of Grinling Gibbons; Rogers 
devoted his studies to Gibbons and entirely mastered his art; gained much 
reputation and was employed by the royal family for work on Carlton House, 
Kensington Palace, etc.; in 1848 executed some of his best known carvings — 
:hose in the church of St. Mary-on-Hill; he also did carvings for the palace of 
he Sultan; Abdul Medjid, at Constantinople, and the church of St. Michael 


Arthur William: Sc.D., F.R.S., 1918; Director of Geological Survey, 
!>outh Africa ; b. 1872; s. of George; educ. Clifton Coll. Pubs.: " On the Geology 
f South Africa". Add.: Pretoria. 

Bertram Mitford Heron: B.A., M.D., B.Ch. (Oxon), M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P.; Consulting Physician to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, 
Bristol; b. 1860; s. of James E. Thorold; educ. Westminster School; a past 
^resident of the Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society. Pubs. : numerous 
irticles in medical papers. Add.: Bristol. 

Charles Coltman Coltman: M.P., Radnor; J. P. Salop, Here- 
brdshire; b. 1854; e. s. of Rev. John; educ. Eton; Brasenose College, Oxford; 
i member of Council of Polo Pony. Pubs.: "Characteristics of Conifers". 
Vdd.: London. 

Charles Gilbert: CLE., 1919; V.C. (India); F.C.H.; F.L.S.; Imperial 
^orest Service of India (retired list); 4th s. of Henry; educ. Tavistock Gram- 
nar School; Royal Indian Engineering College; joined the Imperial Forest 
Service of India, 1888; appointed Chief Conservator of Forest, Burma, 1913; 
etired from Service 1919. Pubs. : "A Manual of Forest Engineering for India", 
^dd.: London. 

Rev. Clement Francis: M.A.; Lecturer on Pastoral Theology, King's 
^oll., Univ. of London, 1907-19; Professor since 1919; b. 1866; s. of Professor 


James Edwin Thorold; educ. St. Peter's College, Westminster; worked in 
parishes in Yorkshire and London and took an active part in the work of the 
London Charity Organization Society. Pubs.: "Baptism and Christian 
Archaeology". Add.: London. 

Edwin John: C.M.G. 1927; J.P.; retired from business; b. 1858; 2nd s. 
of late Richard John; educ. Somerset House Academy, Hobart; a member 
Executive of Hobart Benevolent Society. Add.: London. 

Rev. Frederick Arundel: Ass't Secretary of Missionary Council of 
Church Assembly since 1925; b. 1876; s. of Rev. W.M.; Head of S. African 
Church Railway Mission, 1911. Add.: London. 

George Joseph: I.S.O., 1912; late Extra Assistant Resident, Kashmir; 
b. 1861; s. of late George Joseph; retired from the Kashmir Residency. Add.: 
Natal, S. Africa. 

Sir Hallewell: Kt„ cr. 1904; J.P.; M.P. (C.U.) Moseley Division of 
Birmingham; b. London, 1864; s. of late George; educ. private schools. Add.: 

Lt.-Col. Henry: D.S.O. 1917; R.A.M.C. (retired); s. of Harry Rogers; 
b. 1876; served European War, 1914-17; Add.: Somerset. 

Sir Henry Montagu: Kt., cr. 1926; J. P. Cornwall; Chairman of various 
Companies; b. 1855; e. s. of late Henry; educ. University College School; 
President Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association, 1925. Add.: London. 

Lt.-Col. Henry Schofield: C.M.G. 1919; D.S.O. 1916; late R.E. 
Surveyor of Prisons, Prison Commission, Home Office; b. Canada, 1869 
s. of late Col. H.C. served in France as Staff Officer, R.E., L. of C. Pubs, 
articles to technical journals. Add.: London. 

Herbert Lionel: Headmaster King's College School since 1910; b. 
1871; s. of John Robert Fydell; educ. St. John's School, Leatherhead. Pubs.: 
Articles on Higher Education of Boys in England, 1909. Add.: Wimbledon. 

Lt.-Col. Hugh Henry: D.S.O., 1917; late R.F.A.; a Military Knight of 
Windsor since 1927; b. 1858; 3rd s. of late Reginald; educ. Sherborne; Royal 
Military Academy, Woolwich. Went out to France in May with the 9th 
Division, Lt.-Col. 1915, and transferred to 7th Division. Add.: Windsor 

Captain Hugh Hext: M.V.O., O.B.E.; R.N.; b. 1883; 2nd and o. surv. s. 
of late Reginald N.; educ. The Old Bide, Bournemouth; Vanguard at com- 
mencement of European War. Add.: London. 

Brig.-Gen. Hugh Stuart: C.M.G. 1919; D.S.O., 1916; b. 1878; educ, 
Wellington College; served European War. Add.: Hants. 

Lt.-Col. Jas. Samuel Yeaman: D.S.O., 1916; R.A.M.C. (T.); attached 
4th Black Watch; b. 1868; s. of James S.; educ. Stanley House, Crieff; Terri- 
torial officer in 4th Black Watch for 21 years. Add.: Dundee. 

Lt.-Col. John Middleton: D.S.O. 1900; late 1st Dragoons; J.P., D.L., 
Kent; b. 1864; e. s. of late Capt. John Thornton; served South Africa, 1899- 
1901. Add.: London. 

Colonel Joseph Bartlett: C.M.G., 1919; D.S.O., 1917; M.C.; Hon. 
A.D.C. to Governor-General of Canada. Served European War, 1914-19. 
Add.: Toronto, Canada. 


Lieut.-Col. Sir Leonard: Kt., cr. 1914; CLE., 1911; F.R.S. 1916; 
M.D., B.S., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., Indian Medical Service; retired; member 
of Medical Board, India Office; educ. Plymouth College; entered Indian 
Med. Service, 1893. Pubs.: "Recent Advances in Tropical Medicine, 1928". 
Add.: London. 

Leonard James: M.A., Mus. Bac; F.R.S. ; b. 1862; s. of James E. 
Thorold; educ. home; Balliol Coll., Oxford. Pubs.: various articles in Mathe- 
matical journals. Add.: Oxford. 

Mark: R.B.S., Member Art Workers' Guild; b. London 1848; s. of Mark; 
educ. first in schools of south Kensington Museum, and later in the Art school 
of Lambeth. Pubs. : During the last few years engaged in writing and illus- 
trating a book on "Thames Street and its Churches". Add.: London. 

Philip Graham: B.A., CLE., 1924; Deputy Director-General, Post 
Office since 1927; s. of John Charles; educ. Keble College, Oxford. Joined 
Indian Civil Service 1901; Postmaster-General, Bombay. Add.: London. 

Hon. Robert: Minister of Public Works, Canada, 1901-12; and 1915- 
17; b. Quebec, 1864; Minister of the Interior, Manitoba, 1912-15. Add.: 

Rev. Travers Guy: M.C., B.D.; Chaplain to the King; Hon. Canon of 
Birmingham; Proctor in Convocation; s. of late David Gregory; educ. Trinity 
Coll., Dublin. Pubs.: Joint Editor and Contributor, Liberal Evangelicalism, 
1923. Add.: Birmingham. 

Major Vivian Barry: D.S.O., 1919; M.C.; Mayor of Westminster, 1928; 
Councilor for the Victoria Ward on Westminster City Council; b. London, 
1887; 6th s. of late William Bennett; educ. Marlborough Coll.; Partner in 
firm of Rogers, Chapman & Thomas, chartered surveyors, auctioneers and 
valuers, London and elsewhere. Add.: London. 

Lieut.-Colonel Walter Lacy Yea: D.S.O.; commanding 2nd Brigade 
R.H.A.; b. 1878; 3rd s. of Walter Lacy; educ. Rugby school; served India, 
1909-14; commanded 76th. Brigade R.F.A. in France and Italy for 18 
months, 2nd battle of Ypres, etc. 


John Rogers Family 

Henry I, KING OF FRANCE, father of: 

Prince Hugh The Great: Count de Vermandois; m. Lady Adela de Ver- 
mandois, great-granddaughter of Edward The Elder, KING OF ENG- 
LAND. Their dau. was: 

Lady Isabel de Vermandois: d. 1131; m. Robert, Baron de Bellomont. 

Robert-Bossu de Bellomont: Lord Justice of England; d. 1168. 

Gervase Paganel: Baron of Dudley, Staffordshire. From him was descended 
(15 generations removed): 

Thomas Dudley: b. at Canon's Ashby, England, about 1576; commanded a 
company at the siege of Amiens; became a Puritan and came to America 
with Governor Winthrop in 1630, in order to escape persecution; was four 
times Governor of the Massachusetts Colony; d. 1653. 


PATIENCE Dudley: m. Major-General Daniel Dennison, of Ipswich. 
Elizabeth Dennison: m. REV. DR. JOHN ROGERS, 5th President of 
Harvard College, 1676, b. in England, 1630, d. 1684. He was the s. of 
REV. NATHANIEL ROGERS (b. 1598, d. 1655) who removed with his 
family to New England in 1636, and who was the s. of REV. JOHN 
ROGERS, for many years a famous preacher of Dedham, Essex, who was 
the grandson of JOHN ROGERS, Prebendary of St. Paul's and Vicar 
of St. Sepulchre, the Proto-Martyr, who in Queen Mary's reign was burned 
at Smithfield, 1555. 
(1) DR. DANIEL ROGERS: of Ipswich; b. 1667, d. 1722. 

(A) REV. DANIEL ROGERS: of Littleton, Mass.; b. 1706, d. 1782; 
m. Mary Whiting, a des. (22 generations removed) of William 
The Conqueror, KING OF ENGLAND. 

(a) JEREMIAH DUMMER ROGERS: of Charlestown; d. 1784; 

m., 1769, Bathsheba Thacher, of Milton, Mass., also of 

royal descent. 

1 ROGERS: m. David Ellis, of Boston. Issue. 

2. MARGARET ROGERS: m. Jonathan Chapman. Issue. 
3 ROGERS: m. Dr. William Spooner of Boston. 

4. SAMUEL ROGERS: d. 1832. 

5. JEREMIAH ROGERS: d. 1832. 

(b) SARAH ROGERS: m. Samuel Parkman, of Boston. Issue. 

(c) ELIZA ROGERS: m. Abel Willard, of Lancaster. 

Robert Rogers Family 

Alfred The Great, KING OF ENGLAND, father of: 

Edward The Elder, KING OF ENGLAND. His dau. was: 

Princess Edgiva: m., secondly, Henry, Count de Vermandois and Troyes. 

Hubert: Count de Vermandois. 

Lady Adela de Vermandois: m. Hugh Magnus, s. of Henry I, KING OF 

Lady Isabel de Vermandois: m. Robert, Baron de Bellomont, Earl of Mellent 

and Leicester. 
Robert: 2nd Earl of Leicester, Lord Justice of Engand; d. 1168. 

Gervase Paganel: Baron of Dudley. From him was descended (15 genera- 
tions removed) : 

Thomas Dudley: Governor of the Massachusetts Colony. 

Anne Dudley: m., 1628, Governor Simon Bradstreet, Secretary, Deputy- 
Governor and Governor of the Massachusetts Colony. 

Rev. Simon Bradstreet: of New London, Conn.; b. 1638, d. 1683; m. Lucy 

Lucy Bradstreet: m. Judge Jonathan Remington, of Cambridge, a member 
of the Governor's Council, d. 1745. 

Anne Remington: d. 1764; m., 1750, William Ellery, of Newport, s. of Judge 
William Ellery, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 


Lucy Ellery: b. 1752, d. 1834; m., 1773, Judge William Channing of Newport, 

Attorney-General of R. I. 
Mary Channing: b. 1782, d. 1834; m. ROBERT ROGERS. 



William Rogers Family 

Edward I, KING OF ENGLAND, father of: 

Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet: m. Humphrey de Bohun, k. in 1322. 

Their dau. was: 
Lady Margaret de Bohun: m. Hugh Courteney, 2nd Earl of Devon, d. 1377. 
Lady Margaret Courteney: m. John, 3rd Lord Cobham. 
Lady Joane Cobham: m. Sir John de la Pole, Knt. 
Lady Joan de la Pole: m. Sir Reginald Braybrooke. 
Lady Joane Braybrooke: m. Sir Thomas Brooke, Lord Cobham. 
Sir Edward Brooke: Lord Cobham; d. 1464. 
John Brooke: Lord Cobham; m. Lady Margaret Neville, great-great-grand- 

daughter of Edward III, KING OF ENGLAND. 
Thomas Brooke: Lord Cobham; d. 1529. 
Lady Elizabeth Brooke: m. Sir Thomas Wyatt. 
Sir Thomas Wyatt: of Allington Castle. 

Lady Jane Wyatt: m. Charles Scott, of Egerton, Kent, d. 1617. 
Thomas Scott: of Egerton, d. 1635. 
Dorothea Scott: who came to Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y., in 1680, with her 

children by her first husband, Major Daniel Gotherson, who d. 1666. 
Dorothea Gotherson: m., 1680, John Davis, and removed to Salem Co 

Judge David Davis: of Salem Co., N. J.; m. Dorothy Cousins, b. 1693, d. 

David Davis: of Salem Co., N. J.; b. 1730; m. Martha Cole. 
Mary Davis: m. WILLIAM ROGERS, of Salem. 

(1) DAVID ROGERS: m. Lydia Evans. 

(2) GRACE ROGERS: m. Thomas Ballinger. 

(3) RACHEL ROGERS: m. Zebedee Willis. 

William E. Rogers Family 

Robert Bruce, KING OF SCOTLAND, father of: 

Princess Mary: m. Walter, Lord High Steward. Their son was: 


Princess Catherine: m. David, Earl of Crawford. 

Lady Elizabeth Lindsay: m. Sir William Douglas. 

Sir Henry Douglas: of Lochlevan. 

Robert Douglas: of Lochlevan; m. Elizabeth Boswell. 

Sir Robert Douglas: of Lochlevan; m. Margaret Balfour. 

Thomas Douglas: of Lochlevan; m. Elizabeth Boyd. 

Elizabeth Douglas: m. Alexander Alexander. 



Andrew Alexander: of Menstrie. 

John Alexander: of Gogar. 

Alexander Alexander: of Mill-Nab. 

David Alexander: of Muthill. 

James Alexander: b. 1691, d. 1756; member of the King's Council and 

Surveyor-General of New Jersey; m. Mary Provoost. 
Mary Alexander: m., 1739, Peter Van Brugh Livingston. 
Susan Livingston: m., first, John Kean. 
Peter Philip James Kean: of Ursino, N. J.; m. Sarah, dau. of Gen. Jacob 

Morris, of Butternuts, N. Y. 
Julia Kean: m. Hamilton Fish, of New York, Ex-Secretary of State. 
Susan Le Roy Fish: m. WILLIAM E. ROGERS, of Philadelphia. Issue. 

Henri/ Rogers Family 

John, KING OF ENGLAND, father of: 

Henry III, KING OF ENGLAND. His son was: 


Prince Edmund: 4th Earl of Kent; beheaded 1330. 

Lady Joan Plantagenet: "The Fair Maid of Kent"; m. Sir Thomas de 

Holland, Earl of Kent. 
Thomas de Holland: 2nd Earl of Kent. 
Lady Margaret de Holland: m. John de Beaufort. 
Lady Joan de Beaufort: m. James I, KING OF SCOTLAND. 
Princess Janet: m. James Douglas, Earl of Morton. 
Lady Janet Douglas: m., secondly, Thomas, 9th Lord Erskine. 
Lady Mary: m. William Livingston, of Kilsythe. From them was descended 

(7 generations removed) : 
Robert Livingston: b. at Ancram, 1651, d. 1728; came to America in 1676 

and purchased the lands in New York, and founded "Livingston Manor". 

He was a member and Speaker of the Provincial Assembly. 
Philip Livingston: of New York City; 2nd Lord of the Manor of Livingston; 

m. Katherine, dau. of Peter Van Brugh, Mayor of Albany. 
Robert Livingston: 3rd Lord of the Manor of Livingston; m., first, Mary 

Robert C. Livingston: of New York; m. Alice, dau. of John Swift, of Phila. 
John S. Livingston: of New York; m. Anna M. M. Thompson. 
Matilda Livingston: m. HENRY ROGERS, of New York. 

Benjamin Wools ey Rogers 

Thomas Dudley: 1576-1653; the des. (19 generations removed) of Henry 

I, KING OF FRANCE. See the John Rogers Family. 
Rev. Samuel Dudley: of the Massachusetts Colony; b. about 1606; was 

Deputy to the General Court at Boston for several years; m., first, Mary, 

dau. of Gov. John Winthrop. 


Elizabeth Dudley: m., 1674, Judge Kinsley Hall, of Exeter, N. H., d. 

Josiah Hall: of Exeter; m. Miss Woodbury. 

Mary Hall: m. John Langdon, of Portsmouth, N. H., b. 1707, d. 1780. 
Governor John Langdon: of Portsmouth, N. H.; b. 1740, d. 1819; Governor 

of N. H., Delegate to the Continental Congress, U. S. Senator, etc., etc. 

He m., 1777, Elizabeth Sherburn, b. 1761, d. 1813. 
Elizabeth Langdon: b. 1777, d. 1860; m., 1797, Thomas Elwyn. 
Catherine C. Elwyn: m. BENJAMIN WOOLSEY ROGERS. 


G145 Rev. John Rogers: The Proto Martyr of the Anglican Reforma- 

(1) John: born about 1538. 

(2) Daniel: 1540-1590/91. 

(3) Samuel: born about 1541. 

(4) Bernard: b. 1543 at Wittenberg, Saxony; educated in Germany, 
moved to Scotland, married. 

(A) Thomas Matthew: b. 1565, Eng.; m., 1586, McMurdock. 

(a) Thomas: b. 1586-87, in Eng.; died 1621; m. Grace 

1. Joseph: 1607-1678; came to America in the Mayflower, 
1620; moved from Plymouth to Mass., m. Hannah. 
Ch. : Joseph (b. about 1635, died 1660), John (b. 
about 1642), James (b. about 1648), William (b. about 
1655), Thomas (b. about 1638). 

2. John: b. about 1611. 

3. William: b. about 1613. 

4. lames: B. about 1615^ 

5. Thomas: b. about 1609, in Eng. or Scotland; m. Lucy 
Iverson, of Scotland. 

A. Giles: 1643-1680; m. Rachael Estham. 

a. Giles: b. 1673-4 in Eng.; emigrated to N. Caro- 

b. Peter: b. 1677 in Eng.; settled in Spotsylvania 
County. Va; then moved to N. Carolina. 

(I) Col. Peter: served in Revolutionary War. 

(II) Capt. John: m , Fredericksburg, Va. 

c. John: b. 1680, aboard ship; m. Mary Byrd, 1716; 
d. about 1768, King and Queen Co., Virginia. 

(I) John: b. 1717; moved to N. C; m. and 
had issue. 

(II) Giles: b. 1719; m. 1757, Sarah Ann Iverson 

Lewis; d. 1794; had issue. 

(III) George: 1721-1802; m. Frances Pollard. 

(IV) Byrd: b. 1735-1800; m. sisters, (1), Mary 
Trice, (2), Martha Trice; moved to 111. 

( 25 

\ \ 

G145 John Rogers: the Proto Martyr; had a grandson, 

G146 Rev. John Rogers: of Dedham, England, d. 1630; his son, 

G147 Rev. Nathaniel Rogers: b. 1598; d. 1655; came to New England in 
1636, and settled in Ipswich, Mass.; m. Margaret, daughter of Robert 
Crane, of Coggeshall, England. 

G148 John Rogers: President of Harvard College in 1682; d. 1684; his grand- 

G149 Jeremiah Rogers: of Salem, Mass.; d. 1729-30. 

G150 Rev. John Rogers: b. at Sale n, 1684; d. 1755; m. Susannah, dau. of 
Capt. Manasseh Marston; grad. Harvard, 1705, and was ordained the 
minister of Boxford. 

G151 Rev. John Rogers: b. at Boxford, Mass., 1712; d. 1789; was ordained 
the first minister of Leominster, 1744; dismissed, 1758. 

(1) Nathaniel: b. 1750; d. 1820; m. Eunice Allen (b. 1753; d. 1842). 

(A) John: b. 1782; d. 1859. 

(B) James: b. 1793-d. 1834. 

(C) Hannah: b. 1784- d. 1848. 

(D) Charles: b. in Orford, N. H., 1795; d. 1883: m. Parmelia 
Hutchins Ramsey (b. 1801; d. 1870). 

(a) Mira Peters: b. in Orford, N. H., 1821; d. 1910; m. E. 
Mason Hall; he d. 1901. 

(b) Charles Ramsey: b. 1823; d. 1883; m. Fannie Clark. 

(c) James: b. 1826; d. 1880; m. Mary Harper. 

(d) Lizzie Homan: b. 1829; d. 1860; m. J. Langdon Fitch. 

(e) Barton Tyler: b. 1831; m. Lizzie Vedder. 

(f) Thomas: b. 1834: mem. of 2nd Kansas Cavalry; d. during 
the Civil War, 1864. 

(g) George Clark: b. 1836; in Piermont, N. H. 
(h) John: b. 1839; d. 1850. 

(i) William Henry: b. 1842; d. 1907. 
(j) Emma: b. 1845, in Haverhill, N. H. 

(2) Dr. John: b. at Leominster, Mass., 1755; grad. Harvard, 1776; 
settled in Plymouth, N. H., as a physician and was eminent in his 
profession; m. Betsy Mulliken; d. 1814. 

(A) Samuel: b. 1785; d. 1858. 

(B) Relief: b. 1788; d. 1867. 

(C) John: b. 1790; d. 1864; m. Nancy Russell (dau. of Moor Russell 
and Betsy Webster Russell). 

(a) John P.:b. 1819. 

(b) William S.: b. 1827; d. 1852. 

(c) Walter M.: b. 1830; m. Helen Greeley Byron (1855- 

1. Walter Byron: b. 1885. 

2. John Alexander: b. 1888; m. Mildred Bond (dau. f 
Chas. H. Bond and Isabella Bacon Bond). Ch.: Jjhn 
Bond:b. 1915. 

(d) Edward P.: b. 1834; d. 1907. J 


(e) Charlotte H.: b. 1837; d. 1882. 

(D) Caroline: b. 1792; d. 1873. 

(E) Nathaniel Peabody: b. 1794; d. 1864. 

(F) William S.: b. 1803; d. 1821. 

H152 John Rogers: came from London in 1635; m. Frances .... (probably 

(1) John: 1632-1717; m. Rhoda King; m. (2), Elizabeth . . . . ; m. (3), 
Elizabeth .... 

(A) John: 1657-1738; m. (2), .... (probably Hannah). 

(a) John: 1682; m. Deborah Hatch. 

1. Daniel: b. 1708; m. Ruth Parker. 

2. James: baptized 1726. 

(b) Thomas: 1695-1727; m. Deliverance Slocum. 

(c) Joshua: b. 1708; m. Mehitable Chittenden. 

1. Joshua: b. 1737; m. Sarah Nash. Ch.: Joshua (b. 
1764), John (m. Mary Lambert), 

2. Caleb: 1718-1805; m. Mary Harlow. 
A. Caleb: 1748-1833. 

a. Reuben: baptized 1784; d. 1867; m. Abigail 
Stoddard. Ch.: Reuben Harlow (b. 1807; m. 
to Mich.), Andrew (baptized 1826), Edwin (b. 

(B) Thomas: 1659-1745; m. Bethiah Ewell. 

(a) John: b. 1714; m. Sarah Wing. 

1. John: b. 1738; m. Sarah Chapman. 

A. John:b. 1764. 

B. Isaac: b. 1767; m. Olive Barker. 

C. Abraham Booth: 1769-1843; m. Mary Keen. Ch.: 
Abraham (b. 1793), Joseph (b. 1799), Isaac (b. 

2. Wing: 1740-1800; m. Deliverance Chapman; m. (2), 
Mercy Hatch; m. (3), Rebecca Sherman; m. (4), 
Hannah Titus. 

3. Joseph: 1742-1816: m. Mary Chapman; m. (2), Eliza- 
beth Kirby. 

A. Stephen: 1770-1835; m. Alice Estes. 

4. Stephen: 1748-1826; m. Lydia Lapham. 
A. Aaron: 1776-1866; m. Dinah Folger. 

a. Moses: 1803-1886; m. Beulah Wing. Ch.: 
Stephen (b. 1828). 

b. Elisha: 1813-1887; m. Elizabeth Mitchell. 

(I) James Swift: b. 1840; m. Annie Buffam Earle. 

(b) Thomas: 1716-1810; m. Deborah Otis. 

1. James: 1756-1832; m. Deborah Smith. Ch.: James 
(b. 1790), Thomas (b. 1802). 

(2) Joseph: died 1716; m. Abigail Barker. 


(A) Joseph: d. 1760; m. his cousin Judith, once removed. Ch.: 

(B) John: m., 1722, Leah Lincoln; m. (2), widow Sarah Wing 

(C) Timothy: m. 1710, Sarah Dingley Keen; m. (2), Damaris 

(3) Timothy: d. 1728; m. Eunice Stetson. 

(A) Timothy: 1690-1763; m. Lydia Hatch. 

(a) Timothy: 1720-1798; m. Desire Sylvester. 
1. Prince: 1765-1832; m. Mary Gorham. 

(b) Israel: 1722-1811; m. Bethia Thomas. 

1. Israel: 1748-1831; m. Hannah Rogers. 

2. Nathaniel: 1750-1833. 

A. Abijah: 1782-1867; m. Mercy Hatch. 

B. William Clift: 1784-1805. 

3. Thomas: 1752-1841; m. Agatha Hatch. 

A. Thomas: d. 1864; m. Lavina Soule, who was of 
the 7th generation from George Soule, of the 
Mayflower; m. (2), Polly Clift. 

B. Martin: 1784-1848; m. Sally Grinnell. 

a. Martin: 1819-1857; m. Emma Jane Doe. 

b. William Thomas: b. 1821; m. Frances Augusta 

(I) Charles William: b. 1853; m. Ada Isabella 

Black. Ch.: Raymond Francis (b. 1880), 
Renworth Robin (t. 1882). 

(II) Byron Martin: b. 1855; m. Annie Adelia 

Brier. Ch.: Donald Brier (b. 1895). 

C. Phillip: 1787-1848; m. and had a s., Henry Phillip. 

D. Howland: 1797-1875; m. Philenda Clift. 

a. George Howland: 1825-1876; m. Eunice Ann 
Rogers. Ch.: George Calvin (1825). 

b. Wales Allen: b. 1826; m. Sarah Ann Tilden. 

c. Nathaniel Clift: 1833-1875; m. Sarah Elizabeth 
Seabur. Ch.: Willis (b. 1860), Parker (b. 1866). 

E. Warren: 1804-1849, m. Elizabeth Potter; m. (2), 
Jerusha Green Cloon. 

a. Henry Warren: b. 1831; m. Caroline Augusta 
Bates; m. (2), Olive Ann Randall. Ch.: Clarence 
Abel (b. 1859), Hamilton Everett (b. 1857). 

4. Asa: 1745-1836; m. Abiah Oakman; served in the 
Revolutionary War, through to the end. 

A. Asa: 1787-1851; m. Ruth Rogers. Ch.: Augusta 
(b. 1820), William (b. 1825), Edwin Thomas (b. 

B. Amos: b. 1791; m ; had John and T J 

C. Henry: 1796-1852; m. Harriet Greenleaf 


a. Edward Henry: 1824; m. Hannah Susan Blanch- 
ard; m. (2), Mary Frances Mann; served in the 
Civil War; was also a representative in the 
General Court. 

b. Charles Emery: b. 1829; m. Martha Symmes 
Lothrop. Ch.: Isaac Lothrop (b. 1858). 

c. Sydney Greenleaf: b. 1832; m. Hannah Marie 
Dill Stoddard. 

(II) Charles Stoddard: b. 1854; m. Alice Minetta 

Kane. Ch.: Charles Edward (b. 1882), 
Harold Stoddard (b. 1892). 

(III) Franklin Greenleaf: b. 1860; m. Luna Oliva 
Hebard. Ch.: Ralph Hebard (b. 1892). 

d. Andrew Jackson: 1833-1876; Gertrude Jennette 

D. Thomas: b. 1802; m. Jane Tilden. 

5. Samuel: 1769-1832; m. Mary Rogers; m. (2), Rachel 
A. Alfred: b. 1803: m ; had Samuel and William. 

(c) Peleg: 1725-1820; m. Hannah Stevens. 

1. Peleg: 1775-1805; m. Jemima Ames. 

2. Nathaniel: 1757-1834; m. Hannah Ford. 

3. Isaac: b. 1792: m. Hannah Ford. 

A. Aldan: 1807-1891; m. Adeline Humphrey. 

(d) Amos: 1755-1802; m. Rachel Wales. 

1. Atherton Wales: 1763-1790; m. Mary Little. 

(e) Zaccheus: b. 1730 or 31; d. 1817; m. Rebecca Lapham; m. 
(2), Naomi Hatch. 

1. Zaccheus: 1761-1816; m. Ruth Oakman. 

2. Charles: 1768-1863. 

A. Charles Bartlett: b. 1827; m. Hannah Elizabeth 

B. Frances Henry: 1804-1844; m. Ann H. Meacom. 

C. John Thomas: 1815-1892; m. Frances Elizabeth 
Mountfort. Ch.: John Thomas (b. 1850). 

3. Benjamin; 1770-1846; m. Rachel Jones. 

A. Benjamin: 1800-1875; m. Caroline Clift. 

a. Benjamin Franklin: b. 1830; m. Blanche D'Eou. 

b. Lysander Waldo: b. 1838; m. Fannie E. Howland . 

B. Alvan: 1802-1885; m. Mary Dilloway Foster. 

a. Charles Alvan: b. 1836; m. Sarah Elizabeth 
Hatch. Ch.: Alvan Herbert (b. 1863), Winthrop 
Lincoln (b. 1865). 

b. George Edwin: b. 1843; m. Mary Ella Harden. 
Ch.: Harlow Harden (b. 1867). Bradlee (b. 
1869), Foster (b. 1871). 


C. Prince: 1808-1844; m. Lavina Parsons. Ch. : Prince 
William (b. 1833), Isadore Clifford (b. 1839). 

D. Harvey: 1811-1888; m. Helen Johnston. Ch.: 
Francis Harvey (b. 1840), Henry Bateman (b. 

(f) Adam: 1732-1834; m. Lydia Rogers: m. (2), Experience 

1. Samuel: 1761-1850; m. Patience Little; m. (2), Sarah 

A. Samuel: b. 1790; m. Lucy Gay. 

B. Atherton Wales: b. 1793; lost at sea about 1845; 
m. Celia Rogers; m. (2), Susan Mariner Miller. 

a. George Atherton: b. 1834; m. Georgianna Cotrill 

b. Lucious Henry Chandler: b. 1840; m. Laura 
Juliet Eastman. Ch.: Atherton Wales (b. 
1866), Daniel Eastman (b. 1875). 

C. Adam: b. 1801; m. Sally Decrow. Ch.: Abraham 
Buker (b. 1830), George Henry (b. 1834). 

D. Elisha: 1805-1887; m. Olive Jane Decrow. 

a. Samuel Walter: 1833-1887; m. Amelia Henrietta 
Frohock. Ch.: Walter Irving (b. 1883). 

2. Walter: 1676-1860; m. Betsey Barstow. 

A. Walter: 1807-1896; m. Emily Mariah Hay den; m. 
(2), Emeline Susan Stone. 

a. Edwin: 1834; m. Maria Louisa Jones. 

(I) Fred Waldo: b. 1859; m. Rosella Smith 


(II) Walter Barstow: b. 1869; m. Emma Frances 


b. Albert Dana: b. 1828; m. Martha Ward Hollis; 
m. (2), Alice Mary Jones. 

c. Homer: b. 1840; m. Ellen Eudora Perry. 

(I) Howard Perry: b. 1869; m. Persis Steward 

Davis. Ch.: Homer (b. 1894), Tyler 
Stewart (b. 1895). 

(II) EllJon: b. 1872; m. Mary Hackett Thomp- 


(III) Harland Hayden: b. 1873; m. Ida Lois 

B. Samuel: 1813-1898; m. Elizabeth Jones. Ch.: 
Atherton Wales (b. 1848). 

3. Adam: 1769-1857; m. Olive Gay. 

4. Elisha: 1777-1832; m. Polly Oakman. 

A. Elisha: 1807-1893; m. Sophia Clapp White. 

a. James Adam: 1830. 

b. Amos Sumner: b. 1831. 


c. George Warren: b. 1835; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Bowman. Ch. : Fred Warren (b. 1855), George 
Otis (b. 1865), William Sumner (b. 1870), Frank 
Whitney (b. 1873). 

(B) Samuel: baptized 1670; d. 1747; m. Jael Huet. 

(a) Samuel: 1703-1761; m. Experience Thomas. 

1. Thomas: 1735-1813; m. Submit Hatch. 

A. Isaac: 1784-1853; m. Lucy Little Vinal. 

a. Isaac Thomas: 1811-1897; m. Hilda Lewis. 

b. Charles: b. 1823; m. Mary Keene Carver. 

2. Simeon: 1737-1820; m. Sarah Clift. 

A. Luther: 1778-1860; m. Abigail Little Tilden. 

a. Luther: 1803-1853; m. Lydia Clift. 

(I) John Luther: b. 1836; m. Ellen Maria Webb. 

Ch.: Fred Webb (b. 1870). 

(II) Henry Clift: b. 1839; m. Lucy Adelaide 


(III) Herbert Tilden: b. 1845; m. Lilla Flora 
Bass. Ch.: Ralph Bass (b. 1877). 

b. Wales: 1805-1890; m. Hannah Little. 

(I) Marcellus Wales: b. 1831; m. Susan Eliza- 
beth Holme. Ch.: Osborn (b. 1858), 
Howard (b. 1862), Wales (1865-1888). 

c. Clift: 1806-1897; m. Eleanor Baxter. 

d. Avery: 1814-1894; m. Lucy Jenkins. Ch.: 
Alfred (b. 1847). 

e. Alvin: b. 1818; m. Harriet Augusta Fishley. 
Ch.: William Alvin (b. 1850), Frank Elmer (b. 

(b) Ebenezer: 1713-1798; m. Sarah ....; m. (2), Hannah 
(Willson) Cole; first wife's name was probably Stetson. 

(C) John: 1700-1762; m. Hannah Sprague: m. (2), Sarah 

Ch. : Stephen. 

1153 James Rogers: d. 1687; m. Elizabeth Rowland; lived at New London, 

(1) Samuel: 1640-1713; m. Mary Stanton; m. (2), Joanna Williams. 
(A) Samuel: 1669-1743; m. Abigail Plumb; m. (2), PalatJah Ames 
(a) Samuel: b. 1702; m. Lucy Denison. 

1. James: 1739/40-1820; m. Zilpha Hyde. 
A. Eleazer: 1763-1843; m. Lucy Edgerton. 

a. Samuel: 1790-1855; m. Rhoda Smith; served in 
the War of 1812. 

(I) Pitt Decatur: 1819-1896; m. Effie L. Ewalt; 
m. (2), Lavinia Phebe Hebbard. Ch.: 
Francis Eugene (b. 1848; m. Ella Clemen- 


tine Sipherd; had Harry Eugene: 1878, 
George Ewalt: 1881, Ralph Van: 1886); 
James Hebbard (b. 1858; m. Minnie E. 
Reynolds; had Donald W.: 1885, Kenneth 
Harper: 1892); Willis Clisby (b. 1864; m. 
Bertha Wallis). 
(II) Lewis: b. 1830; m. Eliza Jane Leffingwell. 
Ch.: Lewis Leffingwell (b. 1864; m. Mary 
A. Neister), Samuel Clinton (b. 1867). 
b. Elisha Edgerton: 1799-1853; m. Eunice Wet- 

(I) Porter: b. 1823; m. Elizabeth Hamilton 

Grace; m. (2), Mary Zerviah Morgan. Ch.: 
Ernest Porter (b. 1861; m. Lillian Augusta 
Mitchell; had Ernest Tyler, 1897). 

(II) Eleazer: 1827-1867; m. Nancy Maria Mur- 


(III) Elisha Francis: 1829-1867; m. Judith Ann 
Murfey; lawyer. 

(IV) Henry : 1833-1901 ; m. Harriet Ann Morgan. 
Ch.: Elisha Edgerton (b. 1859; m. Edna E. 
Miner; had Earl Haradon: 1883, Henry 
Leslie: 1891). 

(V) Frederick: b. 1835; m. Sarah C. Smith; grad. 

in medicine, Univ. of New York. Ch.: 
Frederick (1879). 
B. James: 1765-1816; m. Sophia Ingraham; m. (2), 
Sarah Coit. 

a. George Tyler: 1799-1869; m. Elizabeth Lavinia 

(I) Charles Henry: 1831-1889; m. Laura A. 


(II) Cornelius Dectaur: b. 1835; m. Mary Ellen 

Murchison. Ch. : James Murchison (1868), 
Robert Mclntyre (1871). 

(III) William Rokenbaugh: b. 1837; m. Sarah 
Del Barco Carver. Ch. : William Roken- 
baugh (1871). 

(IV) George Tyler: 1839-1890; m. Mary Lou 
Saulsbury. Ch.: Edwin Saulsbury (1871). 

(V) Richard Morrison: b. 1845; m. Laura Ade- 

laine Barksdale. Ch.: Richard Morrison 

(VI) John Francis: b. 1847; m. Alice Goodwin 
Lamar. Ch. : John Francis (1885). 

b. James Coit: b. 1807; m. Fanny Tracy. 

(I) Willis Tracy: b. 1849; m. Ella S. Obenauer. 


C. Denison: 1772-1846; m. Nancy Pendleton. 

a. Alfred: 1797-1871; m. Amanda Leffingwell. 

(I) Alfred Denison: 1839-1890; m. Harriet Allen 
Holt. Ch.: Alfred Allen (1874), Earl 
Webster (1877; m. Frances L. Crandall), 
Herbert Denison (1880; m. Ethel M. 
Mason), Jabez Waller (1882; m. Marion G. 

b. William Pendleton: 1799-1890; m. Lucy C. 

(I) William Denison: b. 1831; m. Susan F. Hull. 

(II) John Franklin: b. 1854; m. Ellen E. Gates; 

m. (2), Evelyn DeWolf. Ch.: Carlton 
Hayes (1877; m. Lela Bliven); Frank 
Harris (1883). 

c. Henry Clark: 1804-1865; m. Maria F. Palmer. 

(I) Charles Denison: b. 1833; m. Anne Eliza 

Hart; m. (2), Emma Till. Ch.: Charles 
(1865), George D. (1868), Warren T. 

(II) Henry Palmer: b. 1835; m. Delia Eliza 

Rathbone. Ch.: Walter Henry (m. Be«sie 

(III) Dwight Harvey: b. 1843; m. Mercie Ann 
Tanner. Ch. : Jabez Huntingdon (1871), 
Norman Tanner (1873), Dwight Harold 

d. James Denison: 1811-1885; m. Eunice G. Palmer; 
m. (2), Alpha Smith; m. (3), Jane (Nash) Holt- 

(I) George Woodworth: m. Annie Ch. : 

George Woodworth (1892). 

D. Eliab: 1774-1855; m. Mary Hyde; one of largest 
land owners in eastern Connecticut. 

a. John Ellsworth: 1805; m. Sarah Maria Chapel. 

b. Ebenezer Hyde: 1812-1884; m. Margaret M 

(I) Ebenezer Hyde: 1843-1897; m. Ella Cole, 
man; m. (2), Emma Sutherland. Ch. : 
Ebenezer Hyde; Henry Hudson Sutherland 
2. Jabez: 1742-1816; m. Sarah Gorton; built the first 
house in Middlebury, Vt. 

A. Jabez, Jr.: 1767-1844; m. Sarah Chipman; opened 
the first store in Addison Co., Vt. 
a. Jabez Nelson: 1807-1897; m. Esther E. Hagar; 
lawyer. Ch.: Josias Nelson (1845; m. Belle J. 


Dorr; had Jay Nelson: 1880, Frederick William: 
1884, George Dorr: 1886). 
B. Russell: 1774^-1850; m. Mary Ripley; m. (2), Ruth 
(Berry) Keeler. 

a. George Washington: 1799-1860; m. Jane Clark 
Emmons; m. (2), Harriet L. Williams. 

b. Russell: 1812-1851; m. Charlotte Allen. 

(I) George Russell: b. 1850; m. Irene Crehan. 
Ch. : Frederick Crehan (1876), Curtis 

c. Jabez W.: 1814-1900; m. Helen Ward. 

(I) Charles Ward: b. 1844; m. Eliza S. Wicker; 
m. Abbie Wicker; served in the Civil War. 

(B) Jonathan: 1680-1769; m. Elizabeth Pemberton. 

(a) James: 1713/14—1783; m. Susanna Congdon. 

1. Jeremiah: b. 1752; m. Nancy Forsyth. 

2. James: 1764-1835; m. Elizabeth Howard. 

A. Nathan: 1786-1865; m. Patty Brown. 

a. John Henry: 1820-1874; m. Delia C. Davis. 
Ch.: John Lovejoy (b. 1849), Henry Morgan 
(b. 1860). 

B. Jeremiah: 1787-1878; m. Mary Brown. 

a. Hiram: 1820-1864; served in the Civil War; m. 
Diana Westphall. 

C. Richard: 1795-1861; m. Ann Brown. 

3. Jonathan: 1767; m. Huldah Church. 

A. Lyman: 1799-1893; m. Elmira Turner; m. (2), 
Nancy M. Turner; m. (3), Nancy C. Perkins. 

a. George L.: b. 1825; m. Mary F. Walden. 

(I) George A.: 1865-1898; m. Annie Curtin. 
Ch.:Courtland A. (1892). 

b. Hiram: b. 1832; m. (probably) Salome Hurlburt. 
(I) Frank Henry: b. 1866; m. Gertrude M. 

Wood. Ch.: Howard Edwin (1892), 
Herbert Warren (1896). 

(b) Joseph: 1716-1793; m. Martha Congdon. 

1. Joseph: 1761-1831; m. Esther Church. 

2. David: 1765-1845; m. Lucinda Gardner. 

(C) Daniel: d. about 1772; m. Grace Williams. 
(a) Daniel: b. about 1708; m. Sarah Williams. 

1. Gurdon: d. after 1832; m. Elizabeth Bliss; m. (2), 
Lucretia Rogers. 

A. Amos: 1793-1846; m. Mary Chase; served in the 
War of 1812. 

a. Sherman: b. 1819; m. Almira Emmons. 

b. Elihu Bigelow: b. 1821; m. Cornelia Brain 

c. John: b. 1837; m. Ellen Clark. 


(I) Charles Henry: b. 1862; m. Phebe Maria 

Emmons. Ch.: Charles Ely (1896). 

(II) Homer Amos: b. 1873. 

2. Ebenezer: 1744; m. Elizabeth Gates. Ch.: Daniel 
(1789), Ebenezer (1792). 

(b) Nathaniel: b. about 1709. 

1. Nathaniel: 1753-1798; m. Sarah Tubbs; served in the 
Revolutionary Army. 

A. Matthew Griswold: 1789-1873; m. Huldah Gilbert 
(a direct descendant of Sir Humphrey Gilbert). 

(c) Ebenezer: m. Dorothy Denison, 1741. 

(d) Alpheus: d. 1779; m. Delight Harris. 

1. Jehiel: 1747-1815; m. Amy Vibber. 

A. John: 1793-1870; m. Nancy Maples; m. (2), Eliza- 
beth Scholfield; representative to the General 
Assembly of Connecticut. Ch.: Elisha (b. 1824; m. 
Amy Gardner). 

2. Alpheus: 1750-1833; m. Lucretia Braddock. 

A. Harris Braddock: 1784-1881; m. Jemima Hardin; 
captain in War of 1812. 

B. Christopher Braddock: 1791-1861; m. Rachel Ely. 

C. Richard Douglas: 1798-1845; m. Semantha Clapp. 

3. Asa: 1756-1804; m. Hannah Harris; m. (2), Sarah 

A. William Hazen: 1801-1873; m. Parthenia Tyler; m. 
(2), Nancy Wilson. 

a. Frank Willson: b. 1851; m. Lizzie E. Haff. Ch.: 
Erie (1881), Harold W. (1883), William I. (1886). 

B. Simeon Smith: 1812-1874; m. Ann Hurlburt; m. 
(2), Margaret Hurlburt. 

(e) Thomas: d. 1801; m. Sarah Fitch. 

1. Adonijah: b. 1754; m. Anna Noble; m. (2), Anna 

A. Charles Lee: b. 1777; m. Abby Adams. 

2. Thomas: 1757-1842; m. Mary Baker; captain of a 
whaling vessel. 

A. Henry Truman: 1789-1871; m. Clarissa Cook. 

a. Albert Augustus: b. 1830; m. Frances A. McNeil. 
(I) Arthur Lyman: b. 1864; m. Mary Jane 
Avery. Ch. : Horace Avery (1890). 

B. Thomas Perkins: 1797-1873; m. Mary Fish. 

a. Elisha: b. 1828; m. Mary Jane Schofield; m. 
(2), Martha Ann Perry. Ch.: Horace Elisha. 

3. Andrew: 1759-1792; m. Elizabeth Rogers; master 
mariner and farmer. 

A. Lebbeus: 1789-1872; m. Fanny Ely. 


a. Andrew: b. 1818; m. Elizabeth S. Babcock. 

(I) Charles Lebbeus: b. 1852; m. Etta Stanton. 

Ch. : Dean. 

(II) Willie Jay: b. 1861; m. Martha E. Lindsey. 

Ch.: Oscar (1891). 

B. Samuel: 1790-1887; m. Anna Butler. 

a. George Whitfield: 1820-1896; m. Amelia Gay. 

(I) George Gay: b. 1851; m. Amelia Hibbard- 

Ch.: J. Benton (1880), Perley H. (1882), 
Harry B. (1889) 

(II) Charles J.: b. 1854; m. Dora M. Leigh. 

Ch.: Warren Erie (1897), Harold Ray 

b. Samuel Butler: b. 1824; m. Marilla Avery. 

C. Andrew: 1792-1878; m. Silence B. Ely; served in 
the War of 1812. 

a. Gurdon Barnum: b. 1828; m. Juliana Tucker; 
m. (2), Celia L. Newton; Methodist minister. 
(I) Gurdon Curtis: b. 1854; m. Mary Williams. 

4. Azel: 1765-1841; m. Sarah Baker. 

A. Joshua: 1790-1867; m. Maria Church. 

B. Azel Fitch: 1794-1869; m. Elinor Foz; served in 
the War of 1812. 

a. John Randolph: 1832-1887; m. Catherine J. 
Moore; representative in the General Assembly, 
1833. Ch.: John Randolph (1870). 

C. Caleb Baker: 1806-1871; m. Harriet S. Webb;jm. 
(2), Iduella T. R. Gardner. 

a. George Webb: b. 1837; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Rogers. Ch.: Georgie Webb (1878). 

b. Bradford Haile: 1845-1895; m. Josephine Tyler. 
Ch.: Carl Bradford (1875). 

D. Frederick William Haughton: b. 1813; m. Abby 
Ann Gardner; moved to Minnesota. 

5. Frederick: 1767-1850; m. Parthenia Baker; m. (2), 
Desire Vibber. 

A. Benjamin: 1791-1842; m. Phebe Champlin. 

B. Thomas: 1793-1876; m. Elizabeth Tuttle. 

a. James Hervey: 1823-1865; m. Harriet Matilda 

b. Jared Starr: b. 1826; m. Jane Mary Beckwith. 
Ch.: Willard Beckwith (1869), Robert Norden 

a. Charles Edwin: b. 1833; m. Huldah M. Church. 
(I) Norman Werter: b. 1867; m. Annie Ashcraft. 
Ch.: Aslon Ellsworth (1890). 


(II) Frederick Hosmer: b. 1871; m. Ellen W. 
Stephens. Ch.: Leland Frederick (1901). 

(2) Joseph: 1646-1697; m. Sarah 

(A) James: 1672-1721; m. Sarah Stevens. 

(a) James: 1717-1790; m. Mehitable Newbury. 

1. Stevens: 1758-1811; m. Abigail Powers. 

A. Stevens: 1789-1868; m. Mary Rogers; served in the 
Navy during the War of 1812. 

a. James Stevens: 1825-1899; m. Henrietta Gay. 
Ch.: Charles Stevens (1876). 

2. Isaac: 1762-1840; m. Mary Griffin; served in the 
Revolutionary Army. 

A. James: 1787-1851; m. Elizabeth L. Latimer; physi- 

B. Isaac: 1793-1849; m. Elizabeth Tinker; m. (2), 
Mary M. White. 

a. Lester Tinker: b. 1821; m. Elizabeth Miller; 
m. (2), Sarah M. Coon. 

b. Issac: 1845-1901; m. Eunice L. Stewart. 

C. Joseph Griffin: 1796-1866; m. Eliza Manwaring. 
(B) Samuel: d. 1750; m. Elizabeth Rogers; m. (2), Patience 
(Potts) Pendleton. 

(C) John: 1675/6-1739; m. Deborah Dayton. 

(a) John: 1716-1779/80; m. Martha Colver; m. (2), Abigail 
Salmon; "the cooper". 

1. George: 1755-1815; m. Mary (Tinker) Wheeler; served 
in the Revolutionary Army. 

A. Josiah: 1789-1866; m. Annie Darrow; m. (2), 
Clarissa Crosbone; m. (3), Abby Beebe; m. (4), 
Betsey Gallup. 

a. Thomas Worth: b. 1827; m. Emeline Oram; m. 
(2), Maria L. (King) Jason. 

B. William: 1792-1850: m. Mary Chapman. 

a. George Washington: 1815; m. Susan Geer. 

b. William: 1821-1889; m. Adeline Haynes. 

2. John: 1760-1796; m. Hannah Smith; master mariner. 

(b) John: 1722-1790; m. Ann Tinker; m. (2), Elizabeth 

(This is one of the rare instances where two sons were 
given the same name.) 

1. Israel: 1761-1836; m. Zerviah Miner. Ch. : John (d. 
1867; m. Sarah Harris). 

(c) Rowland: 1733; m. Lucretia Rogers. 

(D) Rowland: 1680-1712; m. Mary 

(a) Joshua: 1711-1756; m. Experience Lamphear; m. (2), 
Lydia Miner. 

1. Isaiah: 1739-1798; m. Mary Reeves; m. (2), Elizabeth 
Sill; m. (3), Elizabeth Beckwith. 


a. Matthew: 1771-1854; m. Sally Weeks. 

2. Joshua: b. 1746; m. Phebe Fox. 

3. Rowland: 1756; m. Elizabeth Champlin. 
(E) Jonathan: 1683-1746/7; m. Alice Champion. 

(a) Joseph: 1719-1779; m. Diadema Beckwith. 

1. Matthew: 1746-1818; m. Lois Mack; m. (2), Esther 
(Ely) Ransom. 

A. Elijah: b. 1786; m. Hannah Beckwith. Ch. : William 
Ely (1809). 

B. Elisha: 1789-1876; m. Fanny Champion. 

a. Elijah Prentice: b. 1813; m. Mary Ann Lurancy 
(Tinker) Beckwith. 

(I) Frank Monroe: b. 1848; m. Eugenia Whiting. 
Ch.: George M. (1881). 

b. Chauncey: 1822-1875; m. Almira Peck. Ch.: 
Justus Byron (1856; m. Lizzie Bolt). 

c. Charles: b. 1825; m. Julia Pearson Lincoln. Ch. 
Arthur C. (1872). 

(b) Ezekiel: 1731-1781; m. Phebe Bramble. 

1. David: 1774; m. Elizabeth Chad wick. 
A. Ezekiel: 1798; m. Mary Beckwith. 

a. Josiah Nelson: b. 1821; m. Julia Ann Marsh. 
Ch.:Buel (1847). 
(3) John: 1648-1721; m. Elizabeth Griswold; m. (2), Mary Ransford; 
m. (3), Mrs. Sarah Cole. 

(A) John: 1674-1753; m. Bathsheba Smith; m. (2), Elizabeth 

(a) James: 1701-1754; m. Grace Harris. 

1. James: 1740-1821; m. Mary Comstock. 

A. James: 1765-1835; m. Mary Allen. 

a. Jason Allen: 1790-1881; m. Joanna Holt. 

b. James: 1791; m. Mary M. Griswold. 

B. Jonathan: 1767-1844; m. Sarah Rogers. 

a. Jonathan: 1800-1882; m. Lucretia White. 

(I) George Cornelius Douglass: b. 1841; m. Mary 
C. Harrington; served in the Civil War. 
Ch.: George Douglass (1873), Fred White 
(1878), Robert Harrington (1890). 

C. Zebediah: 1769-1813; m. Catherine Richards. 

D. John: 1771; m. Sarah Sears. 

E. Harris: 1787-1835; m. Joanna Strickland. 

a. James Strickland: b. 1830; m. Rebecca S. West. 
Ch.: James Lewis (1874). 

(b) Ichabod: 1709-1771; m. Mary Savol. 

1. William: 1746-1835; m. Anne Whipple. 
A. William: 1770-1851; m. Mary Hoyt. 

a. James Hervey: 1801-1842; m. Susan Beebe. 


b. William Eastman: 1805-1862; m. Eliza Teal; m. 
(2), Maria Webster. 

c. Benjamin Franklin: 1807-1841; m. Julia Jenkins. 

d. Jason: 1809-1860; m. Elizabeth Hannah. 

B. Daniel: 1780-1839; m. Rebecca Conklin; served 
in the Revolutionary War. 

C. David: 1783-1849; m. Amy Ann Allen; i. . (2), 
Sarah (Brown) Hadley. 

a. Leander: 1808-1849; m. Mary Campbell. 

b. Nathan Griswold: 1816-1849; m. Amy Gay. 

(I) Newton Gay: b. 1846; m. Celine del Vecchio; 
m. (2), Fannie Locke. Ch.: James Rhodes 
(1884), Newton Griswold (1889), Nathan 

D. Ichabod: 1784-1860; m. Eliza Cooper (a Huguenot, 
and a native of Guienne — she was the sole survivor 
of her branch of the family — fled to England after 
the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and joined 
the Puritans there); captain in War of 1812. 

a. Ferdinand: 1815-1876; m. Angeline Stone; m. 
(2), Sylvia J. Loomis; an Episcopal Clergyman. 

E. Jeremiah: 1789; m. Sarah Vosburg. 

2. John: 1748; m. Mary Larrabee. 

A. Thomas: 1792-1855; m. Marie Small. 

a. Jason: d. 1868; m. Mary Walmsley. 

b. Theodore: 1830-1871; m. Mary' N. Andrews. 
(I) Theodore Beauclerc: b. 1860; m. Lucrece 

Godwin. Ch.: Theodore Beauclerc (1887). 

3. Edward: 1752; m. Prudence Morse. 

4. Jason: 1757-1832; m. Frances Allen; commanded a 
U. S. privateering vessel in the War of 1812. 

A. Jason: 1786-1826; m. Phebe Mulford Davis. 

B. Jonathan: 1794-1832; m. Maria Smith. 

a. James Smith: b. 1828; m. Virginia Leef; m. (2), 
Mary Frances Leef. Ch.: James Smith (b. 
1859; m. Margaret E. White), William Francis 
(b. 1865; m. Mary Reese), Norman (b. 1866). 

b. William Francis: b. 1830; m. Emma Holloway. 
Ch.: George Nelson (b. 1877). 

(c) Samuel: 1713-1805; m. Hannah Gardner. 

1. John: b. 1734; m. Anna Greene; m. (2), Elizabeth 

A. Jeremiah: 1767-1845; m. Hannah Bolles. 
a. Russell: 1797; m. Hannah Wilcox. 

(I) Joseph Turner: b. 1816; m. Frances P. 
Clifford. Ch. : James (1842), George Gilbert 
(1861; m. Nellie Carroll). 


b. Aaron Bolles: 1799-1880; m. Betsey Edwards. 

c. Albert: 1809-1895; m. Mrs. Ellen (Kelly) Boyle. 
(I) Jeremiah: b. 1838; m. Elizabeth M. Ashling. 

Ch.: Charles (1863; m. Grace Follett), 
William Stewart (1873). 
2. Samuel: 1738; m. Patience Wood. 

A. Daniel: 1770-1850; m. Urania Tamson Dayton. 
(d) John: 1724-1779; m. Delight Greene. 

1. John: 1761-1849; m. Mary Van Duzen. 

A. John Van Duzen: 1795-1846; m. Louisa Fuller, 
a. Alexander: b. 1825; m. Susanna Chase. 

(I) John Sylvester: b. 1849; m. Emma B. 
Duffey. Ch.: John V. (1878) Alexander 
(1880), Walter (1882) 

B. Abraham Van Duzen: 1799-1867; m. Hannah D. 

C. Benjamin: 1801-1890; m. Fidelia Atwater. 

a. David: b. 1833; m. Amelia English. Ch.: 
Edward (1867). 

b. Lewis: b. 1842; m. Alice Stickney. Ch. : Frank 
L. (1876). 

2. Benjamin Greene: 1769-1805; m. Susannah Stevens. 

(e) Alexander: 1728/9-1815; m. Desire ; m. (2), Rachel 


1. Alexander: 1780-1832; m. Nancy Greene. 

A. Alexander: 1809-1899; m. Eliza D. Stebbins. 

a. Henry Alexander: b. 1841; m. Mary F. Calvert. 

b. Gilbert Elias: b. 1843; m. Ida Clark; m. (2), 
Amanda Crocker (Fowler) Nicholson. Ch.: 
Henry Alexander (1889), Gilbert Elias (1891), 
Edward Willey (1892), Benjamin Greene (1897). 

B. Henry: 1813-1848; m. Sarah Watrous; m. (2), 
Amy Watrous; m. (3), Esther Crouch. 

C. Benjamin Greene: 1818; m. Mary H. Greene. 

D. William: b. 1820; m. Hannah M. Comstock. 

a. William Avery Comstock: b. 1858; m. Elizabeth 
S. Carter. 

E. Elias Perkins: 1822-1897; m. Lucy A. Smith, 
a. Ernest Elias: b. 1866; m. Fanny Gorton. 

F. Christopher: b. 1825; m. Sarah J. Smith. Ch.: 
Christopher (1859), Daniel D. (1863). 

2. Daniel: 1790-1874; m. Sarah Newbury. 

A. Williams Newbury: 1825-1848; m. Julia Ann 
Sanders; m. (2), Mary P. Lamphere. 

(f) Nathaniel: 1732-1802; m. Zipporah Williams. 

(g) Jonathan: 1735-1809; m. Lydia Watrous; m. (2), Eunice 


1. Daniel: 1773-1852; m. Margaret Smith. 
(B) Gershom: 1700; m. Sarah Wheeler. 

(a) David: 1732-1810; m. Elizabeth Sawyer. 
1. Jedediah: 1775-1853; m. Sarah Jones. 

A. Jedediah: 1800-1863; m. Abigail Hart. 

a. Anson Prentiss: 1826-1884; m. Jane Russell. 
Ch.: Edward Anson (1870). 

B. Anson: 1802-1868; m. Rebecca (Hart) Jones, 
a. Henry O.: 1831-1887; m. Sarah Barber. 

(I) George Hart: b. 1867; m. Ellen Mary 
Sheldon. Ch.: Henry Sheldon (1894). 

C. Ephraim: 1811-1867; m. Delilah Lamphere. 

a. Verto Lamphere: b. 1842; m. Mary Carr; m. (2), 
Emma Jane Whople. Ch.: Louis Verto (b. 
1870; m. Florence Forney). 

D. Orson: b. 1814; m. Mary Smith; m. (2), Mahala 
Theresa (Winslow-Rogers) Johnson. 

a. Orson Clark: b. 1840; m. Eliza M. Wheelon; 
served in Civil War. 

b. Frank S.: b. 1850; m. Eva R. Burr. Ch.: 
Clarence (1884). 

(4) James: 1652-1714; m. Mary Jordan. 

(A) James: 1675-1735; m. Elizabeth ; m. (2), Freelove Hurl- 


(a) James:, 1704 — before 1754; m. Mary Harris; a leading 
ship captain in New London. 

1. Lemuel: 1723-1754; m. Love Richards. 

A. George: 1746-1801; m. Desire Springer. 

2. Peter: 1735-1767; m. Grace Rogers. 

A. Peter: 1755-1849; m. Nancy Green; m. Abi Darrow; 
served in the Revolutionary Army. 

a. Henry: 1784-1857; m. Eunice Wilcox; served in 
the War of 1812. 

b. Emory Peter: 1796-1859; m. Mary Miller; m. 
(2), Eunice (Ward) Rogers; m. (3), Caroline 
(Robinson) Hardy. 

c. John: 1799-1859; m. Esther R. Atwell; m. (2), 
Jane Hilton. 

(I) Dryden: b. 1827; m. Elizabeth Wiswell; 
physician. Ch.: John P. (m. Eliza Mac- 
beth; ch.: Eugene Dryden). 

d. Austin Flint: b. 1812; m. Ann Eliza W r arnock; 
m. (2), Julia Ann Gibbs. 

3. Ichabod: 1727-1767; m. Ruth Shapely. 
A. Benjamin: 1754-1814; m. Rhoda Coit. 

a. Edmund: 1790-1850; m. Harriet Potter; m. (2), 
Harriet Owen. 


(I) Edmund Coit: 1816-1860; m. Lydia C. 
Gilkey; m. (2), Elizabeth L. Seymour; 
minister and physician. Ch. : John Fear- 
ing (1841-1894; m. Clara J. Tomlin; m. 
(2), Mrs. Mary Jones; served in the Civil 
War; veterinary surgeon; had Allen Denver 
(1878), John " Edward (1882), William 
Henry.) Edward Bronson (b. 1851; m. 
Ella Frances Handy), 
b. Benjamin: 1799-1840; m. Manuela Riveros. 
B. Ichabod: 1754-1821; m. Mary Hall. 

a. Ichabod: 1781-1843; m. Rhoda Blakesley; served 
in the War of 1812. 

(I) Ruel Chauncey: b. 1803; m. Susanna Bailey. 

(T\) Elam Hervey: 1805-1881; m. Elizabeth A. 
Tryon. Ch.: Gilbert: b. 1838; m. Estelle 
V. Rogers; had Eugene Culver, 1876; Ralph 
Gilbert, 1878); Wilbur Fiske (b. 1841; m, 
Mary Jane Corbin; had Burton Cephas, 
1876); Nathaniel Burton (b. 1848; m. 
Annie Pomeroy; m. (2), Elizabeth Beach; 
drummer boy in the Civil War; had Cephas 
Brainerd: 1880). 

(Ill) Julius W.: b. 1822; m. Esther E. (Culver) 
Meigs; m. (2), Mrs. Maria (Goodrich) 
Howe. Ch.: Waldo Emerson (b. 1847; 
m. Jennie Treat; drummer boy in the 
Civil War; had Stanley Treat: 1888); 
Arthur Gilbert (b. 1863; m. Emma G. 
Foster; had Kenneth Hall: 1892, Culver 
Churchill: 1895). 

b. Seabury: 1789-1821; m. Elizabeth Daniels. 

(I) President Merritt: 1814-1894; m. Rebecca 
Hancock; m. (2), Emily (Allison) Edwards. 

4. James: 1733-1803; m. Phebe Harris. 

5. Edmund: 1735; m. Lydia Frisbie; m. (2), Sally Barker. 

6. Uriah: 1737-1814; m. Mary Howell. 

A. Howell: 1774-1851; m. Sarah Bulkeley: m. (2), 
Olive (Foote) Hubbard. 

a. Joshua Bulkeley: 1804-1861; m. Lucy B. Wells. 

b. John Day: 1807-1880; m. Altheana Munson. 
(I) Samuel Warren: b. 1840; m. Josephine C. 

Shank. Ch.: Frederick Munson (1870). 

c. George Hammond: 1824-1861; m. Eliza A. 
Terrill; Yale Medical School. Ch.: William 
Henry (1854), George Edward (1856; m. Flora 
M. Crouse). 


B. John: 1777; m. Mehitable Mackie. 
a. George M.: m. Esther Sandford. 

(I) Hiram: b. 1844; m. Elizabeth Halsey. 

C. William: 1781-1852; m. Abby Bryne. 

7. Jeremiah: 1743-1810; m. Mary Jones; Minute Man, 
1st lieutenant. 

A. Warren: 1777-1843; m. Sarah Ogden Piatt; m. (2), 
Julia F. G. Griffith. 

a. Edward Young: 1812-1868; m. Helen (Davis) 

b. Joseph Warren: 1819-1893; m. Cornelia J. 
Stoutenburgh; m. (2), Charlotte Blake; m. (3), 
Frances A. Edwards. Ch.: Joseph Warren (1861). 

B. James: 1784-1841; m. Elizabeth Piatt. 

C. Edmund Jones: 1787-1835; m. Rebecca Piatt. 

a. Ebenezer Piatt: 1817-1881; m. Elizabeth Cald- 
well; Yale, 1837; D.D. from Oglethorpe Univer- 
sity, 1853. 

(I) Clifford Brown: b. 1853; m. Jennie Somer- 

(b) Uriah: 1710; m. Hannah Lockwood. 

1. James: 1742-1823; m. Eleanor Wakeman. 
A. Jedediah: 1768; m. Milly Reed. 

2. John: 1744-1795; m McCrea. 

3. David: b. 1748; m. Martha Tennent; physician. 
A. David: m. Esther Horton; physisian. 

(c) Nehemiah: 1719-1760; m. Elizabeth Fitch. 

1. Fitch: 1748-1828; m. Hannah Bell; a Loyalist. 

2. Moses: 1750-1825; m. Sarah Woolsey. 

A. Benjamin Woolsey: 1775-1859; m. Susan Bayard; 
m. (2), Catherine C. Elwyn. 

B. Archibald: 1782-1850; m. Anna P. Pendleton. 

a. Nathaniel Pendleton: b. 1822; m. Emily Mouton. 

(I) Henry Pendleton: b. 1850; m. Mary Shillito. 
Ch. : John Shillito, Henry P. 

(II) Nathaniel Pendleton: m. Catherine Wither- 
spoon. Ch. : David Ogden. 

b. Edmund Pendleton: b. 1827; m. Virginia 

(I) Archibald: b. 1851; m. Anna C. Coleman. 
Ch. : William Coleman, Herman Living- 

c. Philip Clayton: 1829-1902; m. Julia Kavanaugh; 
served in the Civil War and taken prisoner in 
the Wilderness, escaped and retaken by hounds. 
Ch.: Philip Clayton (1865). 


3. Henry: 1753-1837; m. Catherine Van Raust; m. (2), 
Frances Moore. 

A. John Smith: 1795-1851; m. Augusta Winthrop. 

4. Nehemiah: 1755-1848; m. Catherine Bell; a Tory. 
A. Henry: 1809-1840; m. Laura M. Livingston. 

(B) Richard: b. 1689; m. Mary Raymond. 

(C) William: 1693-1744; m. Elizabeth Harris. 

(a) Peter: 1719-1793; m. Lucy (Tinker) Harris. 

1. William: 1747-1789; m. Elizabeth Tinker. 

2. Peter: 1749—1785; m. Hannah Rogers; master mariner. 

3. Harris: 1755-1785; m. Fanny Packwood. 

(b) Nathaniel: 1725-1801; m. Theoda Miner; m. (2), Susannah 
Marvin; served in the Revolutionary Army. 

1. Jeremiah: 1749-1806; m. Lucy Stark. 

2. Nathaniel: 1754-1779; m. Abigail Lay; physician; 
served in the Revolutionary Army. 

A. Lee Lay: 1781-1821: m. Rhoda Dimock; Freeman, 

a. Dimock: 1807-1834; m. Harriet Robinson. 

(I) William Harvey: b. 1832; m. Laura P. 

Armitage; m. (2), Mary V. Hutton. Ch. : 
Timothy Dimock (b. 1858; m. Josephine B. 
McCready; had Willaim Harvey: 1895). 

(II) Henry Dimock: m. Laurantia Gaskill. 

b. Timothy: 1809-1889; m. Dorothy M. Billings. 

(I) William Timothy: 1833-1880; m. Catharine 

Murray; mayor of Ouincy, 111.; issue. 

(II) Thaddeus Maxson: 1835-1898; m. Anna M. 

Nance; issue. 

(III) Edward Alpheus: b. 1845; m. Ellanora | 
Payne; issue. 

3. Josiah: m. Emily Wales; m. (2), Saviah King. 

4. Harris: 1784-1832; m. Deziah Smith. 
A. Daniel Erial: b. 1811; m. Eunice Fellows. 

(c) Ebenezer: 1733-1796; m. Naomi (Foz) Beebe. 
1. Amos: 1755-1820; m. Sarah Phillips. 

A. Moses: 1779-1821; m. Adelia Smith; captain of the 
first steamship to cross the Atlantic, 
a. Daniel Moses: 1812-1884; m. (2), Amanda M. 

Wilson; issue. 

B. Amos: 1783; m. Sarah Rogers; m. {2), Lucy F. 
a. Charles Henry: b. 1818; m. Harriet Thomas; 


C. Gilbert: 1787-1871; m. Abigail Rogers; m. (2), 
Sarah (Bailey) Rowe; m. (3), Sarah (Moore) 


a. Gilbert: 1813-1882; m. Delia M. Black. 
D. Ebenezer: 1800-1884; m. Grace Gallup. 

a. Moses: 1827-1902; m. Martha J. Norton; 

2. Ebenezer: 1758; m. Thankful Avery; issue. 

3. Daniel: 1768-1839; m. Rebecca Crocker. 

A. Daniel: 1795-1862; m. Sally Harris; issue. 

B. Lyman: 1798-1866; m. Mary S. Pember; m. (2), 
Maria Haven. 

a. Anson: 1822-1898; m. Lucretia C. Beebe; had 

(d) Timothy: 1735-1774; m. Eunice Hammond. 

1. Josiah: 1771-1813; m. Sarah Marshall; m. (2), Diana 

A. Isaac Tibbals: 1812-1891; m. Martha Ann Ingersoll. 

B. Henry Sylvester: 1812 (twin)— 1898; m. Amelia 
Tolfree; m. (2), Cornelia W. Burton. 

(5) Jonathan: 1655-1697; m. Naomi Burdick. 

(A) Jonathan: 1690-1777. m. Judith Potter. 

(a) Jonathan: 1714-1787; m. Hannah Hiscox; m. Sarah New- 

1. Ephraim: 1747; m. Tacy Maxson; m. (2), Patience 

A. Ephraim: 1775-1843; m. Hannah Rogers; m. (2), 
Chloe Preston. 

a. Clark: 1808-1889; m. Lydia Stillman; m. (2), 
Emma (Stillman) Langworthy. 

(I) Albertus Clark: b. 1836; m. Alice I. Ennis; 

lieutenant in the Civil War; issue. 

(II) William H.: b. 1840; m. Perdilla Zinn. 

b. Ephraim Preston: 1810-1889; m. Lovisa A. 
Cowles; m. (2), Julia L. Ruggles. 

c. Henry: 1814-1873; m. Abigail Abbott; issue. 

(b) Nathan: 1718-1794; m. Martha Davis: m. (2), Hannah 

1. Amos: 1743-1822; m. Anna Dake; served in the 
Revolutionary War. 
A. Amos: 1767-1822; m. Elizabeth Crandall. 

a. Oliver Glason: 1789-1866; m. Deborah Lewis. 

(I) Amos: 1815-1879; m. Emily Holt. Ch.: 

Julian Abel (b. 1841; m. Cornelia M. E. 
Royce; ^ssue). 

(II) Lewis: 1821-1900; m. Abigail Butler. 

(III) Hiram: 1825-1881; m. Jane Eliza Curtis. 

(IV) Charles Dake: b. 1827; m. Deborah F. 


b. Nathan: 1798-1846; m. Jane Ann (Black) 

B. Elisha Milton: 1777-1848; Elizabeth Padelford. 
a. John Barney: 1802-1890; m. Clarissa K. Cottrell. 

(I) Oren Jeffards: b. 1832; m. Emerancy E. 


(II) Amos Chatfield: b. 1834; m. Ann Eliza 

Harris; issue. 

C. Charles Dake: b. 1780; m. Philena Aldrich. 

2. Cary: 1745-1822; m. Martha Rathbone; minister. 

A. Benjamin: b. 1773; m. Sarah Stone, 
a. Barak: m. Sarah Stone. 

(I) Alonzo: 1819-1900; m. Mariett Goit; m. (2), 
Elizabeth Sever; issue. 

B. Cary: 1776-1807; m. Elizabeth Pierce. 

a. Solomon: 1801-1884; m. Harriet Gilbert. 

(I) Harris Gilbert: b. 1828; d. 1895; m. Jennie O. 

Crocker; m. (2), Mrs. Lizzie (Jones) Gage; 

(II) Henry Clay: 1832-1880; m. Elizabeth L. 

Luce; issue. 

(III) Hiram Cale: 1834-1897; m. Sarah A 
Mather; served in the Civil War; issue. 

b. Aaron: 1803-1891; m. Lucy M. Clark; m. (2), 
Milly Crook; issue. 

C. Nathan: 1784-1872; m. Sarah Steward. 

a. Nathan Steward: 1811-1887; m. Nancy M. 
Hills; issue. 

b. Lemuel Davis: 1813-1844; m. Lovina Partlo. 
(I) Alfred Harrison: b. 1840; m. Ellen M. 

La very; issue. 

c. Washington: 1827; m. Kezia S. Tozer. 

(I) Steward Washington: b. 1854; m. Alice 
Steward; issue. 

D. Joseph Davis: 1790-1860; m. Charlotte Main. 

a. Joseph Davis: 1810-1884; m. Minerva Godfrey; 

b. Julius Dorsey: b. 1831; m. Jane E. Peabody; 
m. (2), Nellie Ward. 

3. Jeremiah: 1749; m. Ruth Prosser. 
A. David: m. and had 

a. David: 1796-1883; m. Betsey Allen. 

(I) Israel Lewis: b. 1818; m. Mahala Salisbury; 

m. (2), Rachel Trout. Ch.: George Washington 

(b. 1840; m. Lydia Howard; m. (2), Frances 

Mason; issue); Louis Israel (b. 1842; m. 

Annetta Lamphere; issue). 


(II) David Kendall: b. 1820; m. Margaret 

Yerden; issue. 

(III) Adoniram Judson: b. 1824; m. Amelia 
Smith; issue. 

(IV) Silas Maxson: b. 1829; m. Hannah A. 
Noyes, issue. 

(V) Loren Davis: b. 1831; m. Catherine 

Heavener; issue. 

(VI) Daniel Henry: b. 1847; m. Eliza Mathers. 

4. Davis: 1754-1833; m. Hannah Miner; minister. 

A. Davis. 1776-1845; m. Mary Truman. 

B. Silas: 1782-1870; m. Sarah Swaddle. 

a. Silas: 1806-1886; m. Maria Yeomans; m. (2), 
Mary Beardsley; issue. 

b. William P.: 1808-1892; m. Lydia Pickett; issue. 

C. Amos: 1783-1872; m. Mary Chapel. 

a. John C: 1806; m. Mary A. Finch. 

(I) Samuel: b. 1831; m. Susan H. Lake. 

(II) Jesse Davis: 1833-1892; m. Mary A. Clarke; 

m. (2), Adelia White; issue. 

(III) John E.: b. 1846; m. Maryette Gilbert; 

b. Amos: b. 1823; m. Louisa J. Rogers; ch. 

5. Jonathan: 1760-1824; m. Humility Green; m. (2), 
Jemima Clark. 

A. Jonathan: 1783-1861; m. Lucy Stebbins; m. (2), 
Mrs. Fanny Gilbert. 

a. Jonathan King: 1808-1879; m. Elizabeth 

(I) Alonzo: 1835-1888; m. Jane M. Vincent; 

b. Ezekiel: 1818-1897; m. Hannah Burch. 

(I) Floyd Wiggins: b. 1856; m. Emily Hammett; 

B. Ezekiel: 1786-1817; m. Elizabeth Clark; issue. 

C. Green: 1788-1869; m. Elizabeth Leach; m. (2), 
Sarah Beebe; issue. 

D. Maxson: 1791-1851: m. Esther Westcott; m. Mrs. 
Hannah Stillman. 

a. Benedict Westcott: 1822-1853; m. Anna M. 

A. Matthew: 1794-1873; m. Esther Rogers. 

a. Henry' Clay: 1826-1864; d. in Andersonville 
prison; m. Sarah Ann Enos; issue. 

F. Clark: 1805-1880; m. Abigail Clark; issue. 

G. Nathan: 1806-1881; m. Elizabeth Maxson; m. (2), 


Experience Randolph: m. (3), Emeline Chapman; 
H. Nicholas: 1809-1856; m. Jane Rogers; m. (2), 
Cynthia H. Edwards. 

a. Henry Clay: 1835-1901; m. Mary E. Rogers; 

6. Phineas: 1764-1857; m. Rebecca Beebe. 

A. Henry: 1792-1869; m. Mary Powers. 

a. Charles A.: 1829-1895; m. Clarinda E. Dye. 

(I) John Henry: b. 1853; m. Mary C. Brown; 

B. Lemuel: 1794-1879; m. Hannah Stewart. 

7. Jesse: 1767-1841; m. Hannah Bliven. 

A. Ethan: 1807-1875; m. Alvira B. Cook. 

a. Calvin Cook: b. 1836; m. Sophronia M. Rogers; 

8. Ethan: 1768-1841; m. Sarah Truman. 

A. Ethan: 1796-1879; m. Fanny Davis; served in the 
War of 1812. 

B. Clark Truman: 1798-1882; m. Nancy Williams; 
m. (2), Mrs. Laura Benjamin. 

a. Ethan Clark: 1830-1864; m. Catherine M. 

(I) Clark Truman: b. 1851; m. Zerviah Lewis; 

C. Jesse: 1803-1832; m. Rbobey Wilmarth. 

D. Jonathan Davis: 1808-1894; m. Jemima Rogers: 
m. (2), Rachel A. Mapes. 

a. Jonathan De Ver: b. 1870; m. Josephine Hayes; 

E. Nathan: 1813-1900; m. Harriet S. Clarke. 

a. George Horace: b. 1845; m. Emma J. Whiting; 
(c) David: 1719-1803; m. Grace Lester; m. (2), Judith 
(Maxson) Greene; m. (3), Susanna Truman. 
1. Zebulon: 1757-1829; m. Sarah Greene. 
A. David: 1786-1859; m. Mary Potter. 

a. David Potter: 1808-1882; m. Mary Anna Rogers. 
(I) William Augustus: 1832-1898- Brown, 1857- 

Honorary degrees from Yale and Alfred; 
m. Rebecca J. Titsworth. Ch.: Frederick 
Tuthill (b. 1859; m. Carrie E. Gavitt; 

b. Daniel Babcock: 1815-1884; m. Mary Ann Tits- 

(I) David Dunham: b. 1850; m. Julia F. Davis; 


B. Zebulon: 1790-1839; m. Lydia Brooks; m. (2), 
Sarah Manwaring. 

a. James: 1822-1891; m. Clarinda Miller. 

(I) Thomas Vars: b. 1858, m. Alice E. Rose; 

b. Thomas S. : b. 1824; m. Hancy Benjamin; m. 
(2), Sarah S. Stillman* issue. 

2. Lester: 1762-1822; m. Mary Tuthill; minister. 

A. Benjamin: 1796-1874; m. Susan Truman. 

a. Clark Truman: 1817-1891; m. Jennet T. Rogers. 
(I) Albert Clark: b. 1850; m. Elsie A. Lang- 
worthy; m. (2), Anna Bradheld; physi- 
cian; issue. 

b. George: 1819-1894; m. Julia Lewis; issue. 

c. Henry Nathaniel: 1820-1898; m. Ellen A. 
Wright; issue. 

B. Lester Tuthill: 1797-1850; m. Susanna H. Crandall; 

a. Lester Courtland: 1829-1900; Williams, 1856; 
m. Josephine Willcox; issue. 

C. Joseph Sandford: 1799-1872; m. Elizabeth Boon; 
m. (2), Celinda S. Abbott. 

a. Nathaniel S.: 1822-1860; m. Mary Ann Rogers; 

D. Thomas: 1802-1883; m. Maria Coit. 

E. David: 1804-1879; m. Sarah Maxson. 

a. Alexander Campbell: b. 1836; Margaret R. 
Cook; issue. 

F. Henry Hammond: 1806-1893; m. Nancy Peckham; 
m. (2), Julia A. Smith; issue. 

3. Paul: 1766-1868; m. Mary Barter. 

A. Silas: 1788-1862; m. Nancy Stillman. 

a. Clark Stillman: 1820-1893; m. Lydia R. Gardner; 
m. (2), Mary E. Morgan. 

B. Paul: 1790-1868; m. Celinda Comstock. 

a. George Alexander: 1828-1880; m. Delia Seamens; 

J154 George Rogers: said to have come from Londonderry, Ireland; his 
family were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians; he m. Isabella (probably 
McCobb);d. 1743. 
(1) William: 1702-1763; m. Dinah Rankin; b. in Ireland. 

(A) George: 1729-1818; m. Margaret Campbell; m. (2), Alice 

(a) Alexander: born 1754; m. Margaret Wilson Hunter. 

(b) James: born 1757; m. Mary Mustard; m. (2), Lydia 
Thompson; m. (3), Mary Ridley. 


(c) George: b. 1765; m. Rachel Pennell. 

(B) Thomas: 1731-1816; m. Hannah Laha. 
(a) Samuel Laha: m. Caroline Hopkins. 

(C) Hugh: 1736-1802; m. Hannah Hallowell; m. (2), Margaret 

(a) Samuel: b. 1776; m. Martha Wyleye. Ch.: Samuel (b. 
1802; m. Lucinda Owen), Hugh (b. 1805). Alexander (b. 
1807), Hallowell (b. 1812). 

(D) William: 1743-1791; m. Eleanore Stanwood. 

(E) John: 1746-1832; m. Jane Potter. 

(a) John: 1771-1849; m. Susannah Patten. Ch.: Robert 
Patten (b. 1806), Rankin (b. 1808), John (b. 1809). 

(b) William: 1773-1857; m. Martha Manning. Ch.: William 
(b. 1805). 

(c) Alexander: b. 1778; m. Hannah Larrabee. Ch.: Nehemia 
(b. 1802), Nelson (b. 1805). 

(d) Hugh: 1785-1867; m. Isabella Owen. Ch.: Thomas (b. 

(F) Robert: 1752-1815; m. Jane Grace. 

(a) Thomas: b. 1775; m. Martha Hunt. 

(b) James: b. 1783; m. Ann (Nancy) Rogers. 

(2) George: 1704-1801; m. Ann Ferguson; m. (2), Sarah Wyman. 

(A) John: 1745-1829; m. Ann Cochrane; m. (2), Ann Crombie. 

(a) George: 1772-1841; m. Beatrice Mains. 
1. John: b. 1809; m. Merindo H. Bond. 

(b) James: 1776-1853; m. Hannah Parker. 

(B) Alexander: 1761-1839; m. Catherine Smart. 

(C) William: b. 1766. 

(a) Ferguson: m. Ruby Oliver. 

(b) James: b. 1803; m. Sarah Ann Morse. 

(c) William: m. Sarah Ann Clifford. 

(D) George: 1770-1839; m. Martha Wyman. Ch.: George (b. 

(E) Francis: 1773-1796; m. Susannah Campbell. 

(a) John Campbell: b. 1799; m. Abigail Stinson. 

(b) Francis: b. 1817; m. Susannah Rowe. 

(c) Frederick: b. 1821; m. Margaret E. Hinckley. 

(F) Nathaniel: 1776-1865; m. Nancy Campbell. 

(3) Patrick: 1706-1796; m. Ann 

(A) George: b. in Bristol: m. Hannah Nichols. 

K155 Hope Rogers: m. Esther Meacham. 

(1) Josiah: 1720-1815; m. Hannah Ford. 

(A) Jonah: 1743-1799; m. Deliverance Chaffee. 

(a) Jonah: m. Katharine Roberts. Ch.: Jonah, Hezekiah and 

(b) Josiah: 1768-1814; m. Mary Wheeler. Ch.: Josiah (1791- 


1853; m. Abigail Strong), Ariel (1794-1874; m. Melinda 
Brace; (2), Cynthia Cortwright), Joseph (1795-1855; m. 
Hannah Jones), Jonah (b. 1801; m. Catharine Lafey), 
David (1803-1895; m. Eliza Jones). 

(c) Elihu: m. Rhoda Drake. 

1. Elihu: 1800-1873; m. Bershabe Stiles; (2), Narcissus 

2. Jacob: 1803-1882; m. Elizabeth Goble. 

(d) Joel: m. Mary Lumcree; (2), Mary Jackson. Ch.: Jose 
(b. 1816; m. Lydia Ann Rogers), Joel, Stephen. 

(2) Jethro: b. 1722; m. Hannah Holt. Ch.: Oliver (b. 1748). 

(3) Jeduthan: 1724-1800; m. Anna Farnam; m. (2), Hannah Knight; 
m. (3), Widow Eunice (Putnam) Burgess. 

(A) Jeduthan: b. 1753-1834; m. Elizabeth Fisk or Fish. 
(a) Isaiah: 1784-1862; m. Lucinda Bacon. 

1. Alanson: 1806-1874; m. Arvilla Chamberlin. 

2. Martin: b. 1809; m. Polly Erskine (Dimick?) 

3. John: m. Nancy Jane Button. 

4. Isaiah: b. 1812; m. Anna Martin. 

5. Philander: 1813-1891; m. Louisa Murray. 

6. Rufus: 1815-1849; m. Flavia Bacon. 

(B) Isaiah: b. 1760; d. in Revolutionary War. 

(C) Rufus: 1767-1836; m. Jemima Strickland. 

(a) William Rufus: 1798-1847; m. Sophronia Webster Ben- 

1. Llywelyn App: d. 1861; m. Louisa Johnson. 

2. George Dorrance: 1825-1864; m. Elizabeth Langford; 
d. while serving in the Civil War. 

3. Lucius: 1829-1860; m. Livia McCall Goodwin; m. (2), 
Sarah Gratz. 

4. Henry: b. 1832; d. about 1890; served in Civil War. 

5. William Rufus: 1839-1862; fought in battle of Cedar 

(b) Lucius Cary: 1801-1872; m. Fanny Locke. 

1. Rufus Locke: 1826-1879. 

2. Eliphus Hibbard: b. 1830; d. 1881, in Vera Cruz, 
Mexico, while serving as U. S. Consul at that place. 

3. Lucius Henry: b. 1834. 

4. John Emory: b. 1837. 

(c) James Hervey: 1804-1873; m. (1), Mary Benham Parker; 
m. (2), Harriet Knight Smith. Ch.: Manley (1833-1891; 
m. Maria Abbey), Sterne (1834-1893; m. Eliza Graves), 
Junius (1838-1897; m. Mary Powell). 

(d) Artemas Stowell: 1807-1853; m. Mary Perkins Brown; 
m. (2), Lurancy Coolidge. 

1. Riley Perkins: 1837-1885; served in Civil War. 

2. Harvey: 1841-1898; m. Mary E. Fiero; served under 
McClellan in Civil War. 

3. Roselle: 1844-1864; was in the army of the Potomac. 

4. Lewis Eugene: 1846-1878; m. Alathea Rynex. 

5. Manley: 1849-1899; m. Lucy 0. Post. 

6. Manlius: 1849; m. Thirza R. Dow. 

L156 James Rogers: d. 1755; m. Jean . . . . ; settled in Londonderry. 
(1) John: 1729-1776; m. Jean Ewins. 

(A) James: 1754-1819; m. Mary Markham. Ch.: Jonathan 
(1785); John (1786), Joseph (1788), Ralph (1792), Samuel 

(B) Jonathan: m. Polly Maes; m. (2), Elizabeth Rogers. Ch.: 
Ephraim and Alvah. 

(C) John: d. 1832; m. Polly Reynolds; ch.: John Adams, Stephen 

(D) Samuel: m. Anna Dodge. Ch. : Charles. 

M157 Daniel Rogers: 1706-1782; m. Mary Cotton Whiting; m. (2), Mrs. 
Elizabeth Ruggles Dummer. 

(1) Daniel: 1739-1740. 

(2) Jeremiah Dummer: 1743-1784; m. Bathshebe Thatcher. 
(A) Samuel: m. Miss Perkins. Ch.: Samuel (d. 1849). 

(3) Daniel: 1749-1803; m. (1), Mary Newman; m. (2), Hannah Whit- 

(A) Henry Newman: 1781-1823; m. Susannah Dalton. 

N158 Reverend James Rogers: 1720-1775; m. Mercy Tefft (1715-1781). 

(1) James: 1746-1792; m. Mercy Tefft (1749-1837; niece of Mercy 
Tefft, above). 

(A) Samuel: 1779-1846; m. Lydia Eggleston (1785-1824); m. (2), 
Sally Buell; had with other issue 

(a) Thomas S.: 1810-1874; m. Lucinda Gardner; m. (2), 
Margaret Ash; m. (3), Almira Carpenter; had with other 

1. Thomas Lucindus: 1841-1901; m. Ella Sophia Nicker- 
son (1846-1929). 

A. Charles Thomas: 1869-1925; m. Alice Lucy Gardner. 

B. Howard Lewis: b. 1871; m. Clara Hunt Phillips; 
b. Nov. 1874. Ch.: Caroline Cranford (b. 1907), 
Dorothy (b. 1909), Thomas Nickerson (b. 1910), 
John Gardner (b. 1913), Mary Virtue (b. 1915). 

C. Alice May: b. 1873; m. Laurence J. Webster; b. 
a. Frank G. Webster: b. 1903; m. Polly Baldwin. 

(I) Nancy Virginia Webster: b. 1926. 


D. Edith Salvine: b. 1874; m. Lansing C. Holden; b. 
1858; and had 

a. Lansing C. Holden: b. 1897; m. Edith Gilling- 
ham; b. 1896. Ch.: Lansing C. Holden (b. 
1927), Penelope Lancaster Holden (b. 1928), 

b. Edith Rogers: b. 1902; m. George Wight Cooke. 
Ch.: Wight Holden Cooke (b. 1925), Cynthia 
Lee Cooke (b. 1928). 

E. Carrie Nickerson: b. 1875; m. Alexander Henderson 
(b. 1877). 

F. Gardner: b. 1880; m. Grace Phillips. Ch.: Nicker- 
son (b. 1908), Cranford (d. 1928), Elaine, Howard 

3. Harriet M. 

4. Mary L.: m. David Cole. 
(b) Samuel: m. Lydia Remington. 

(B) James: twin of Samuel. 

0159 John Rogers: m. Elizabeth Foster. 

(1) Abraham Foster: m. Patty Faulkner. 

(A) Luke: 1792-1849; m. Sarah Wright Brown. 

(a) James Sumner: 1824-1875; m. Rebecca Bently. 

(b) Charles Wright: 1830-1898; m. Harriet Elizabeth Britton. 

(c) William Henry: b. 1837; m. Sarah Abigail Matthews; 
served in the Civil War; marched with Sherman. 

P160 James Rogers: m. Mary . . . . ; settled in Dunbarton. 

(1) Robert: was the celebrated "Ranger" who did great service in the 
French and Indian War; in the Revolution he became loyalist, 
and went to England 1777; d. 1800; in 1778 was banished from 
New Hampshire by an act of Legislature; and on Mar. 4, his wife 
was divorced from him. 

(2) Richard: was also in the "Ranger" service during the French and 
Indian War. 

(3) James: served in the French and Indian War; m. Margaret Mc- 

Q161 Jonathan Ferris Rogers: b. 1790 at or near Patterson, Putnam 
County, N. Y.; d. Feb. 22nd, 1853, near Archbold, Fulton County, 
Ohio; m. Oct. 20th, 1813, Putnam County, N. Y., to Martha Haviland 
(dau. of Eli Birdsall and Anna Towner Haviland; b. July 4, 1796, d. 
1872, near Ranson Center, Hillsdale Co., Mich.). 

(1) James Ferris: b. 1814, in Patterson, Putnam Co., N. Y.; d. Jan. 
1st, 1893; m. Ann Eliza Crosson (d. Dec. 15, 1862); m. (2), Anna 
Saurbek (b. in Switzerland; d. 1891). 

(A) Eunice Lillian: b. 1843; d. 1858. 

(B) Elmer Harrison: b. 1846; d. 1914; m. Jemima Williams; m. 


(2), Harriet Weaver and had issue, Edward who died in infancy, 
Clara, Frank, Wallace, Harriette, Mary. 

(C) Francis Haviland: 1850; d. (no record); m. Lou McClure, of 
Wauseon, Ohio, and had Bishop McClure and Edna C. 

(D) Mary: (twin); b. 1855; d. 1855. 

(E) Martha: (twin); b. 1855; d. 1910; m. Robert Kenedy of Cale- 
donia Station, Mich.; four ch. 

(F) James Oscar: b. 1859. 

(G) Marcus Perry: b. 1862; d. 1927; m. and has a son living in 
Watsonville, Calif. 

(H) Henry Orvil: b. 1863; k. in Penna. Ry. accident, Ft. Wayne, 

Ind., 1914; unm. 
(I) Arnold Jonathan Ferris: b. 1866; musician; unm. 
(J) Thomas Wilson: b. 1871; d. 1892; unm. 
(K) Charles Emanuel: b. 1873; m. and has a son and daughter. 
(L) William Warren: b. 1877; m. and had two sons and five daus. 
(M) Grace Laura Pearl: b. 1881; m. Edward B. Spalding; 1 dau., 


(2) Amos: m. Effa Eorum, and had Amanda, Harriet, Frank, Alanson, 
Edgar, Martha, James and Emery. 

(3) Ann: m. Warren McCutcheon and had Luella, Eustace, Orvan and 

(4) Jackson S. : m. Mary Rogers and had Lewis, Towner, Carrie. 

(5) John Arnold: m. Sally Hoover and had issue. 

(6) Maryann: m. William W. Haviland and had Clarence and Charles. 

(7) Laura B.: m. Adam Andre, and had Valorus P., and one who d. y. 

(8) Stephen Friend: m. Mary Ann Clingman, and had Anson, Belle 
and Emma. 

(9) Eliza: m. Charles Baker and had John (deceased), Mary (m. Gen. 
Cook) and Serrada (m. Mr. Green). 

R162 R. M. Rogers: m. and had 

(1) R. M. Rogers: m. Lydia McClaughry. 

(A) R. M.: m. E. Celia Titus. 

(a) R. M.: m. Mary C. Lammerson; m. (2), Cora Folerie; m. 
(3), . . . . ; has a daughter, Roberta, by second wife. 

(b) Frank N.: m. Nellie L. Hutchins. 

1. George H. Rogers: b. 1891; A.B. degree, Cornell Univ., 

(c) May: m. Frank Luther. Ch. : R. Mayne Luther. 

(B) James: m. Mary 

(a) J. Walter: m. Margaret 

(b) Ralph C. : m. Louise . . . . ; ch. : Mary, Robert M., Louise. 

(C) Olive: m. Rev. John Hilton. 

S163 Amos Rogers: father of 

(1) William Orendo: b. 1821; d. 1879; m. Mary Orton. 


(A) Fanny Marilla: b 1855; d. 1858. 

(B) Myron Amos: b. 1857; m. Lily Eggleston (d. Oct. 21, 1929). 

(a) Inez Marie: m. Robert William Glenray Vail. Ch.: 
Robert William; Mary Elizabeth. 

(b) Lois Maybel. 

(C) William Herbert: b. 1859; m. Sarah Wilson. 

(D) Charles Sumner: b. 1865; m. Bertha Marguerite Hitzel; b. 

(a) Sumner Herman: b. 1897; m. July 18, 1929, Ruth Caldwell 
(b. January 11, 1908). 

T164 Jonathan J. Rogers: 1817-1870; m. Susan Weeks of Chio; was of 
direct Mayflower descent. 

(1) Benjamin Rogers: m. Annie Lewis Thomas, of Pendleton, Ind. 

(A) Jonathan J.: m. Laura Trueblood. 

(a) Harold Benjamin. 

(b) Morris Jonathan. 

U165 Elijah Rogers: (father was Scotch and mother English, names un- 
known); b. 1824; m. Nancy Beech; d. 1907. 

(1) Elizabeth: b. 1846, near Marion, Ind. 

(2) Willa: b. 1847; near Marion, Ind. 

(3) John: b. 1848; m. Amanda Whitmore; later m. a second time. 
Ch. : Oscar Christopher, Maude, Marion, Louis, Elsie, Daisy, 
Thomas, John and one other child. 

(4) Christopher Columbus: b. 1849; m. Maria Serepta Drown. Ch.: 
Clarion Lou (b. 1879); Cassa Carmeleta (b. 1881; m. J. T. Nicholas; 
has two ch.: Martha Elizabeth: b. 1915, and Roger Leland: b. 
1918), Flora Leontine (b. 1883), Cecil Merle (b. 1884; m. Ruth 
Elizabeth West, 1921). 

(5) Jake S.: b. 1853; m. Margaret Jane Shawalter. Ch. : Gertrude and 

(6) Rachel: b. 1856, near Marion, Ind. 

(7) Joel: b. 1858; m. Kit Delancet. Ch.: Nellie, Edna, Ray, Birdie and 

(8) Francis Marion: b. 1864; m. Mabel Mann. Ch. : Floy and Edith. 

V166 Col. James Wheeler Rogers: b. 1833 at Kersey, Elk Co., Pa., d. 
1894; served in the Civil War; m. Elizabeth Eddings (d. 1861); m. (2), 
Eliza McConnell (d. 1919). 

(1) Roland Walter: b. 1853; d. 1891; m. Mary E. Reed. 
(A) James Reed: 1883; m. Claire Crum. 

(B) Mabel E.: b. 1885; m. Charles Bertrum Yomet; 2 ch., Gladys 
and Helen. 

(C) Carl Rush: b. 1888; served with Batt. F. 7th F. A., A. E. F., 
during 1918; m. Lelia Brisbin, 1924. 


W167 Patrick Rogers: m. Cecelia McHugl (or McCue); both born either in 
England or Ireland. 

(1) Arthur: had James, David and Charles; lived in vicinity of Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

(2) John: b. Nittany Furnace (now Bellefonte), Pa.; m. Catherine 
Brumbaugh, b. in Penn Township, Huntingdon Co., Pa. 

(A) Jacob Brumbaugh: of Altoona; m. Fannie Woodburn Kennedy, 
b. in Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

(B) Milton Brumbaugh: m. Cora Wagner, b. in Huntingdon Co., 
Pa. Add.: 314 6th Avenue (Juniata), Altoona, Pa. 

(C) Cecelia: m. Elmer S. Free of Huntingdon, Pa. 

(D) Lorenzo: b. in Huntingdon; m Morrison, b. in Mifflin 

Co., Pa. Add.: Newton Hamilton, Pa. 

(E) Lottie M.: m. John Hicks of Huntingdon; both born there. 

(F) John Martin: m. Clara Simpson; both b. in Huntingdon. 


Officers of the Continental Army 

Andrew Rogers (Va.). 2d Lieutenant .4th Virginia, 23d December, 
1776; resigned 2d March, 1778. 

Edward (Conn.). Captain of Gay's Connecticut State Regiment, June 
to December, 1776. 

Hezekiah (Conn.). 1st Lieutenant 5th Connecticut, 1st January, 1777; 
Regimental Adjutant, 12th June, 1777, to July, 1781; transferred to 2d Con- 
necticut, 1st January, 1781; Captain, 5th December, 1782; transferred to 3d 
Connecticut, 1st January, 1783; Aide-de-Camp to General Huntington, 7th 
July, 1781, to June, 1783; retained in Swift's Connecticut Regiment in June, 
1783, and served to 3d November, 1783; Military Storekeeper, United States 
Army, 27th October, 1801; died 3d November, 1811. 

Jedediah (Conn.). Cornet 2d Continental Dragoons, 15th February 
1778; Lieutenant 2d June, 1778, and served to close of war. Captain Light 
Dragoons United States Army, 4th May, 1792; resigned 25th October, 1792. 

Jacob (Mass.). 2d Lieutenant of Thomas' Massachusetts Regiment 
May to December, 1775. 

John (Conn.). 1st Lieutenant of Webb's Additional Continental Regi- 
ment, 1st January, 1777; resigned 13th February, 1778. 

John (R. I.). Sergeant 2d Rhode Island, 6th March, 1777; Ensign, 
1st May, 1779; Adjutant, 1st May, 1780, to 8th September, 1782; wounded at 
Connecticut Farms, 23d June, 1780; 2d Lieutenant, 4th February, 1781; 
retained in Olney's Rhode Island Battalion, 14th May, 1781, and served to 
November, 1783; Military Storekeeper, United States Army, 9th March, 
1819; Honorably discharged, 1st June, 1821. 

John (Va.). 2d Lieutenant 4th Virginia, 25th March, 1776; was Captain 
of Clark's Illinois Regiment June, 1778, to February, 1782. 

John, Jr. (N. C). Paymaster 5th North Carolina, 11th December, 
1776, to . 


Joseph (Va.). Lieutenant of a Virginia Regiment; taken prisoner at 
Newberne, N. C, 26th September, 1778. 

Joseph (Conn.). Ensign 2d Connecticut, 4th January, 1781, to 3d June, 
1783. (Died 3d September, 1818.) 

Josanah (N. Y.). Captain of Drake's Regiment, New York Militia, in 

Nicholas (France). Major and Aide-de-Camp, 12th May, 1777; served as 
Aide-de-Camp to Generals Coudray and De Kalb to 10th December, 1778, 
when he was brevetted Lieutenant-Colonel Continental Army and retired 
from the service. 

Patrick (N. C.)« Regimental Quartermaster 1st North Carolina, 3d 
November, 1776; Ensign 28th March, 1777; 2d Lieutenant 3d April, 1777; 
died 19th April, 1778. 

Philip (Pa.). 2d Lieutenant 8th Pennsylvania, 9th August, 1776, to . 

Robert (R. I.). 2d Lieutenant of Tallman's Rhode Island State Regiment 
12th December, 1776; 2d Lieutenant 1st Rhode Island, 1st January, 1777; 
1st Lieutenant, 19th February, 1777; resigned 24th March, 1779. (Died 
5th August, 1835.) 

Samuel (Mass.). 2d Lieutenant of Henley's Additional Continental 
Regiment, 1st January, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, 26th June, 1777; transferred to 
Jackson's Continental Regiment, 22d April, 1779; regiment designated 16th 
Massachusetts, 23d July, 1780; transferred to 9th Massachusetts, 1st Janu- 
ary, 1781; died 20th October, 1781. 

Thomas (Mass.). Sergeant in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; 2d Lieuten- 
ant of Gerrish's Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775. 

William (Mass.). Captain in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Captain 
of Gerrish's Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Captain 
Massachusetts Militia, 1776-1781. 

William (Pa.). Chaplain of Miles' Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, 6th 
April to December, 1776; Chaplain of Patton's Continental Regiment, 1st 
February, 1777; Brigade Chaplain, 1st June, 1778; retired 16th January, 
1781. (Died 7th April, 1824.) 

William (S. C). Lieutenant South Carolina Dragoons, 5th April, 1781; 
dismissed, — June, 1781. 

William (Va.). 2d Lieutenant 4th Virginia, 19th March, 1776; 1st 
Lieutenant, 28th September, 1776; Captain, 1st April, 1778; taken prisoner 
22d September, 1778; where not stated; exchanged in 1780; transferred to 
5th Virginia, 12th February, 1781; retired 1st January, 1783. 

The following Rogerses served in the American Revolution , from the 
respective colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number 
of times those names appear on the records examined : 

Connecticut: Abiathar — 2, Abigail, Abijah, Andrew, Asael, Bela — 3, 
Benjamin, Bixpee, Chase, Chester — 3, Daniel — 2, David — 4, Ebenezer — 4, 
Edward — 4, Elijah, Ephraim, Ethan, Ezekiel, George — 3, Gideon — 3, Gurdon 
— 2, Heman — 4, Hermen, Hezekiah — 7, Hooma, Ichabod — 2, Isaiah, Israel, 
Jacob, James^2, Jedidiah — 3, Jeremiah, John — 11, John, Jr., John 5th, 


Joseph — 10, Joshua, Josiah — I , Lemuel, Leonard — 6, Levi — 2, Lewis, Martha, 
iMoses, Nathan, Nathaniel — 2, Nehemiah, Oliver— 4, Peter — 2, Philemon, 
Pansford, Richard, Rufus, Ruth, Samuel, Sharp — 2, Sharper, Simeon, Solomon, 
Stephen — 2, Thomas — 3, Thomas, Jr., Uriah, Jr., William — 2, Zabdul — 3, 
Zephaniah — 2. Delaware: Hinson, Hugh, James — 4, John — 11, Joseph — 2, 
Robert — 4, William. Georgia: Brittain — 2, Burwell — 2, Burwick— 2, Dread 
— 3, Drury — 2, Drury, Jr., Edward — 3, Jeremiah, John — 5, Mary, Peleg — 2, 
Peter, Reuben — 2, Robert, William — 2. Maryland: Francis — 3, John — 8, 
Joseph, Joshua, Michael — 3, Robert, William — 6. Massachusetts: Aaron — 3, 
Abel, Abiathar — 2, Abijah, Abishai, Abner — 2, Alexander — 2, Allen — 2, 
Andrew, Artemas, Arunah, Asa, Bela, Benjamin — 6, Caleb — 5, Cato, Chase, 
Chester, Crisp, Daniel— 11, David — 6, Ebenezer — 7, Edmund, Elias, Elipha- 
let — 7, Elisha — 3, Elkanah — 2, Enoch, Francis, Frederick, George — 3, 
Gideon — 4, Giles — 2, Henry — 4, Hezekiah, Hugh, Isaac — 3, Ishmael — 2, 
Israel, Jacob — 2, James — 16, Jesse — 3, Joel, John — 33, Jonathan — 10, Jona- 
than, Jr., Joseph — 3, Joshua — 2, Josiah, Leonard, Lewis, London, Lot, Mark, 
Moses— 8, Nathaniel— 8, Nehemiah— 2, Noah— 3, Paul— 2, Peleg— 2, Perley, 
Peter, Philip — 2, Prince — 2, Ptolemy, Ransferd, Richard — 4, Robert — 5, 
Rogers, Samuel — 23, Seth — 2, Silas — 2, Simeon — 4, Simon, Smith, Solomon, 
Stephen — 3, Thomas — 15, Timothy — 5, W., William — 12, Zaccheus — 2, 
Zachariah — 2, Zebadiah, Zebulon, Jr. New Hampshire: Cato, Daniel — 7, 
Daniel D., Daniel, Jr., James — 6, John — 11, Jonathan — 2, Joseph — 5, Josiah 
—4, Levi— 3, Matthew, Nathaniel— 2, Perley— 16, Richard— 2, Richard C. 
— 3, Robert — 2, Samuel — 10, Thomas — 4, Timothy — 5, William — 10. New 
Jersey: David — 2, Henry — 3, James — 3, Jedediah, John, Nathan, Nathaniel, 
Patrick, Richard, William. New York: Abraham, Abraham, Jr., Allan, 
Allen, Amos, Ananias, Caleb, Daniel — 3, Ezekiel, George — 2, Hezekiah — 2, 
Isaac, Hugh, Hughes — 2, Jacob — 3, James — 4, James, Jr., Jarvis, Job, John 
— 4, Jonathan, John, Sr , John, Jr., Joseph — 5, Joseph, Jr., Joshua, Capt. 
Joshua, Lewis, Micah Michael — 3, Mikel, Moses — 2, Nathaniel, Othamel, 
Owen, Philip, Philip, Jr., Piatt — 2, Reuben — 2, Robert — 2, Rubin, Samuel 
— 3, Solomon, Stephen — 2, Topping, Uriah, William — 8, Capt. Wm. — 3, 
Wm. Ens., Zephaniah, Zopha. Pennsylvania: Aaron, Alexander — 6, Allan — 2, 
Andrew — 7, Anthony, Elizabeth — 2, Ezekiel, Ezickel, Francis — 5, George — 2, 
Henry, Hugh, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, James — 8, Jeremiah — 4, John — 33, John B„ 
Jonah, Jonathan — 2, Jonath, Joseph — 2, Josiah, Matthew — 7, Michael — 7, 
Mishael, Patrick — 3, Philip — 3, Richard, Robert — 5, Samuel — 4, Thomas — 10, 
Timothy— 6, W., Will, William— 23. Rhode Island: Clarke— 4, Daniel— 6, 
George, Greene, Guy, Isaac, James — 25, John — 31, Jonathan — 14, Joseph 
— 3, Josias, Leban — 3, Peleg, Robert — 30, Samuel — 8, Thomas — 12, William 
— 6. Vermont: Hugh, John — 5 Samuel, William. Virginia: Abraham, 
Andrew — 2, Anthony, Aquilla, Barnard, Barnitt, Benjamin — 2, Boling, 
Boiling, Bowling, Corneilius, David — 3, Drury, Edward — 2, Ezekiel — 2, 
Francis, George — 2, Henry, Hosea — 2, Jacob, James — 2, Jeremiah, John — 8, 
Jonathan, Joseph — 2, Lewis, Matthew, Melvin, Michael, Patrick, Peter — 2, 
Rhodam, Richard, Robert — 2, Shadrick, Solomon Stephen, Thomas, Tully, 
UlyssesrWilliam— 4. Total, 1085. 



Ebenezer Platt Rogers: D.D.; clergyman; b. New York City, 1817; 
held pastorates in several states, his last being the charge of South Reformed 
Church, N. Y. C. He was the author of several religious and historical books. 

Ezekiel: clergyman; b. Wethersiield, Essex, England, 1590; became 
chaplain to Sir Francis Barrington, who bestowed on him the benefice of 
Rowley in Yorkshire; named his new plantation in this country "Rowley". 
In 1643 he delivered a sermon on "Election" which, according to Cotton 
Mather, made him "famous through the country". 

Fairman: civil engineer; b. Phila., 1833; grad., Univ. of Pa., 1853, and 
held the chair of civil engineering there until 1870. He served in the national 
cavalry and, later, became a volunteer officer in the U. S. engineers. 

Franklin Whiting: artist; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1854; executed, among 
several other well-known works, "Loo" and " Mischief " — devoting himself 
especially to the painting of dogs. 

George Clarke: soldier; b. Piermont, N. H., 1838. He was commissioned 
colonel for gallantry at the battle of the Hatchie; later, commanded a brigade 
for two years, including the Atlanta campaign, and in 1865 was brevetted 
brigadier-general of volunteers. After the war he practiced law in Illinois and 
Kansas, and was chairman of the board of pension appeals. 

Henry J.: inventor; b. Baltimore, Md., 1811; devised the code of flag 
signals known by his name and adopted by the U. S. Navy in 1846. 

HORATIO: lawyer; b. Providence, R. I., 1836; had a grandfather and tv>o 
great-uncles who had served as officers during the Revolution; was grad. 
from Brown and admitted to the bar; for several years was Attorney-General 
of R. I. He served with great credit during the Civil war, being brevetted 
brigadier-general of volunteers. 

James: R. C. bishop; b. Mt. Charles, Donegal, Ireland, 1826; became 
professor at St. Mary's College, Halifax; consecrated first R. C. bishop of 
Chatham, New Brunswick, 1860. 

James Blythe: M.D.; chemist; b. Phila., 1802; s. of Patrick Herr, profes- 
sor at William and Mary College; elected professor of chemistry, Univ. of 
Pa., 1847. 

William Barton: LL.D.; geologist; b. Phila., 1804, bro. of James Blythe; 
succeeded his father in chair of physics and chemistry at William and Mary; 
organized geological survey of Va., 1835; was a mem. of many learned societies. 

Henry Darwin: LL.D.; b. Phila., 1808 (also bro. of James Blythe): 
was state geologist of Pa., professor at U. of P., author of important geological 
works, and mem. of many learned societies both in America and abroad. 

Robert Empie: LL.D.; chemist; b. Baltimore, 1813 (also bro. of James 
Blythe); was professor and professor emeritus at Jefferson Medical College; 
employed as chemist by the gas-trust of Phila., 1872 until his death, 1884. 

James Webb: lawyer; b. Hillsboro, N. C, 1822; while pastor of St. 
Paul's parish in Franklin, Tenn., was responsible for the building of six 
churches. Later he resided in Washington, D. C, where he practiced law in 
connection with his son, James Harris, inventor of important electrical devices. 


John: clergyman; b. New London, Conn., 1648; founded the sect known 
as the Rogerene Baptists or Quakers who were many times fined and im- 
prisoned, for while they worshipped on the Sabbath they regarded themselves 
free to labor. He wrote many books on theological subjects, of which one was 
entitled "The Midnight Cry". 

John: sculptor; b. Salem, Mass., 1829. His fifty statuette groups were 
all widely reproduced, enjoying large sales, and his equestrian statue of 
General John F. Reynolds (1881-83) stands before the City Hall in Philadel- 

Nathaniel: clergyman; b. Haverhill, Eng., 1598; educated at Cambridge; 
came to Massachusetts, 1636. He was ordained at Ipswich, in 1638, and 
served until his death, in 1655. Cotton Mather said of him:- — "he might 
be compared with the very best of the true ministers who made the best days 
of New England." 

Nathaniel: artist; b. Bridgehampton, L. I., 1788; spent his professional 
life in New York where he was one of the founders of the National Academy 
and took high rank as a painter of miniatures. 

Nathaniel Peabody: editor; b. Portsmouth, N. H., 1794; practiced law 
until 1838, when he established in Concord, N. H., the "Herald of Freedom, " 
pioneer anti-slavery paper. He also contributed to the New York Tribune. 

Randolph: sculptor; b. Waterloo, N. Y., 1825; lived and studied in New 
York City and in Rome. He executed many well-known statues, including 
the Washington monument at Richmond, Va., but perhaps his most famous 
works are the bas-reliefs on the doors of the capitol at Washington. 

Robert: soldier; b. Dumbarton, N. H., 1727; served in and became locally 
famous during the French wars in the region of Lake George. In 1776 he 
accepted the commission of colonel in the British army and issued a printed 
circular promising all the recruits "their proportion of all rebel lands." He 
was the author of many books, including "A Concise Account of North 
America" (London, 1765). 

Thomas J.: statesman; b. Waterford, Ireland, 1781; came to U. S. in 
1784 and published and edited a political newspaper; elected to Congress from 
Penna., and was later appointed recorder of deeds for Northampton Co., 
Pa., author of "A New American Biographical Dictionary". 

William: A.M., D.D.; clergyman and educator; b. Newport, R.I., 1751; 
grad., Brown, 1769, where he was the first student; chosen professor of oratory 
and English literature, Univ. of Pa., 1789; wrote articles on morals, religion, 
and politics for the newspapers and magazines. 

William Augustus: Ph.D.; astronomer; b. Waterford, Conn., 1832; 
grad., Brown, 1857; taught astronomy and mathematics at Alfred Academy 
for 13 years; called to the chair of astronomy and physics, Colby Univ., 1886; 
was a fellow of the Royal Society in London. 


Agnes Low Rogers: prof, of edn.; b. Dundee, Scotland, 1884; d. William 
Thomson; M. A., U. of St. Andrew's, 1908; author of "Experimental Tests 


of Mathematical Ability and Their Prognostic Value", 1918. Add.: Bryn 
Mawr Pa. 

Alfred Thomas: lawyer; b. St. Joseph, Mo., 1873; s. John; mem. Delta 
Tau Delta. Add.: Madison, Wis. 

Allen: chem. engineer; b. Hampden, Me., 1876; s. Franklin G.; B.S. in 
Chemistry, U. of Me., 1897; awarded Grasseli medal, 1920, for work done in 
connection with fish skins for leather; mem. of Chemists' Club. Add.: Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Allen HASTINGS: mining engr.; b. Marshfield, Mass., 1871; s. Alfred; 
Democrat. Unitarian; mem. of Engineers' Club (Boston & New York). Add.: 
New York. 

Arthur: clergyman; b Providence, 1864; s. Horatio; ordained priest 
P. E. Church; Bohlen lecturer, Phila., 1909; mem. Phi Beta Kappa; author 
of Men and Movements in the English Church (1898). Add.: Evanston, 111. 

Arthur Kenyon: coll. prof.; b. Dunellen, N. J., 1868; s. William 
Augustus; grad. Colby, 1891; author of "Life and Teachings of Jesus" (1894). 
Add.: New Haven, Conn. 

Arthur Small: clergyman; b. Newberry, S. C, 1869; s. Atmar; grad. 
Erskine Coll., Due West, S. C, 1894; ordained ministry, Associate Ret. 
Presbn. Church of the South, 1896.' Add.: Rock Hill, S. C. 

Austin Leonard: seedsman; b. Cape Vincent, N. Y., 1855; s. Charles; 
grad. Eastman Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1885; founder, 1876, 
with bro. Everett E. of Rogers Bros. Seed Co.; continued business under same 
title after death of bro. 1890, and pres. since. Presbyn. Add.: Chicago. 

B(enjamin) Talbot: clergyman; b. Rockland, Mich., 1865; s. Benjamin 
Talbot; rector St. James' Church, Manitowoc, Wis., 1889-93; 8 times deputy 
to P. E. Gen. Conv.; author of pub. sermons, letters and newspaper articles. 
Add.: Sunbury, Pa. 

Bruce: typographical expert; b. Lafayette, Ind., 1870; s. George. Add.: 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Burton R(ay): veterinarian; b. Polk City, la., 1879; s. George W.; 
originated, 1901, plan for automatic tracing of animal tuberculosis through a 
system of ear marking and has written much on this subject. Add.: Chicago. 

(Robert) Cameron: author; b. Santa Barbara, Calif., 1900; s. Robert 
Cameron; B.A., Harvard, 1923; on Editorial staff World's Work magazine, 
1923-25. Author of "The Magnificent Idler". Add.: Garden City, N. Y. 

Charles Edwin: prof. civ. engineering; b. Saratoga Co., N. Y., 1874; 
s. Charles; began teaching at Lehigh Univ., 1901; Add.: Hartford, Conn. 

Charles Butler: banker; b. Utica, N. Y., 1865; s. Publius V.; began as 
clerk with First Nat. Bnk. & Trust Co., Utica, 1889, pres. 1925; mem. of 
University Club. Add.: Utica, N. Y. 

Charles Gardner: zoologist; physiologist; b. Perry, N. Y., 1875; s. 
James Harvey; grad. Syracuse U., 1897; mem. of Phi Beta Kappa; Conglist. 
Author of papers upon effects of salts upon heart action, etc. Add. : Oberlin, O. 

Clara Kathleen (Clara Doria): singer; b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 
Eng., 1844; d. John ("Father of English Opera"); grad. Leipzig Conserva- 


torium, 1860; also studied at Berlin and Milan; author of "Memories of a 
Musical Career". Add.: Boston, Mass. 

David Camp: psychologist; b. New Britain, Conn., 1878; s. Daniel Owen; 
student Amherst, 1895-97; grad. Princeton, 1899; mem. of Am. Psychol. 
Assn.; Capt. Sanitary Corps U.S.A., 1918, 1919. Add.: Northampton, Mass. 

Edith Nourse: congresswoman; b. Saco, Me., 1881; d. Franklin; grad. 
Rogers Hall Sch., Lowell, Mass.; rep. presdl. elector, 1924, receiving largest 
vote ever cast in Mass. for that office; mem. of Congressional Club. Add.: 
Lowell, Mass. 

Edward Sidney: lawyer; b. Castine, Maine, 1875; s. James Harriman; 
admitted to 111. bar 1895; mem. of Chicago Yacht Club. Add.: Winnetka, 111. 

Ernest Albert: prof, dental economics; b. Vinton, la., 1866; s. Richard; 
prof, dental economics and roentgenology since 1912 in State U. of la.; has 
done pioneer work in lecturing and arousing interest in oral hygiene in pub. 
schs. in la. Add.: Iowa City, la. 

Ernest Andrew: educator; b. St. Peter, Minn., 1881; s. Charles Butters; 
mem. bd. govs. Nat. Assn. for Disease Prevention. Add.: Los Gatos, Calif. 

Eustace Barron: paymaster-gen. U.S.N. ; b. San Francisco, 1855; s. 
Robert Clay; educ, Lehigh (Pa.) U.; served on U.S.S. Monterey in Spanish- 
Am. War; was present at taking of Manila. Add.: Washington, D. C. 

Francis: musician; b. Roxbury, Mass., 1870; s. Henry Bromfield; grad. 
Harvard, 1891; instr. singing, Yale U.; mem. of Harvard Club; author of 
"Some Famous Singers of the 19th Century" (1914). Add.: New York. 

Frederick Morris: clergyman and educator; b. Salem, Marion Co., 
111., 1872; s. Oliver Jasper; ordained ministry of Christian (Disciples of Christ) 
Ch., 1894; founder, 1920, and Chancellor of Calif. Christian Coll. Add.: 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

George McIntosh: newspaper pub.; b. Ashtabula, 1879; s. Judson 
Artemus; studied in Adelbert Coll. A founder and trustee, Cleveland Mus. 
Natural History; mem. of Hermit Club. Add.: Cleveland, Ohio. 

George Vernor: newspaper pub.; b. Appleton, Wis., 1876; s. Benjamin 
Talbot; v.-p. and gen.-mgr., New York Tribune, 1913-23; mem. of many 
clubs. Add.: Munden, Va. 

Harry Clayton: clergyman; b. Mt. Sterling, Ky., 1877; s. Thomas F.; 
grad. Centre Coll., Danville, Ky., 1899; ordained Presbyn. ministry, 1902; 
Rotarian; author of "Seven Candles of The Lord" (1908). Add.: Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Harry Lovejoy: army officer; 1867-1925. 

Henry Munroe: lawyer. 

Henry Wade: judge; b. Holland Patent, N. Y., 1853; grad. U. of Mich., 
1874; mem. of var. organs., includ. Assn. Bar City of New York, Am. Soc, 
Internal Law; Phi Beta Kappa; author of "Two Centuries of American Law". 
Add.: New York. 

Hopewell Lindenberger: newspaper man; b. Chicago, 111., 1876; 
s. Joseph Martin; LL.B., John Marshall Law Sch., Chicago, 1906; Dir. Am. 
Newspaper Pubs. Assn., 1912-22 (pres. 1916-18); Presbyn. Add.: Chicago. 

Howard Jason: lawyer; exposition official; b. Stephentown, Renssaelaer 


Co., N. Y., 1861; s. Edwin A.; grad. Williams Coll., 1884; admitted to bar, 
1887; officer Order Red Eagle. Add.: New York. 

James Frederick: hygienist; b. Malta, 0., 1870; s. James M.; grad., New 
Haven Normal Sch. of Gymnastics, 1898; Conglist; authorof "Life and Health". 
Add.: Washington, D. C. 

James Gamble: architect; b. Bryants Station, Ky., 1867; s. Joseph M.; 
grad. Yale, 1889; designed Harkness Memorial Quadrangle, at Yale Univ.; 
mem. of var. organs., includ. University Club. Add.: New York. 

James Grafton: Lawyer; b. Denver, 1883; s. Edmund J.; grad., Yale, 
1905; pres. Mayor's Advisory Council, Denver, 1923; author of "The Fire 
of Romance", "American Alpine Club", etc. Add.: Denver, Colo. 

(James) Harris: inventor; b. Franklyn, Tenn., 1856; s. James Webb; 
educ. private tutors and St. Charles Coll., London; has devoted life to scientific 
work, especially elec. research; discoverer of: visual synchronism and of 
underground and underwater radio communication, enabling the U. S. Govt, 
to carry on uninterruptedly during the World War. Catholic. Add.: Hyatts- 
ville, Md. 

James Hotchkiss: pianist, organist; b. Fair Haven, Conn., 1857; s. 
Martin L.; educ, Lake Forest, 111.; studied music in Berlin and Paris, 1875— 
80; composer of about 150 compositions, including songs, piano pieces, etc. 
Add.: Cleveland, Ohio. 

James Tracy: lawyer. 

Jason: publisher and author; b. N. Y. City, 1868; s. Thomas; educ. 
grammar sch., N. Y. City; began as boy in employ of Sunday Mercury, N. Y.; 
successively adv. mgr. Chicago Inter-Ocean, mgr. Providence, R. I. News; 
mem. of var. clubs, includ. N. Y. Advertising. Add.: New Rochelle, N. Y. 

John: surgeon; b. N. Y. City, 1866; s. John; A.B., Yale, 1887; Fellow 
Am. Coll. Surgeons. Add.: New York. 

John Jacob: congressman; 1881-1925. 

John Raphael: inventor; b. Roseville, 111., 1856; s. Rev. John A.; A.B. 
Oberlin Coll., 1875; patented machine for setting type (the Rogers Typograph), 
1888. Conglist. Add.: Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Julia Ellen: author, lecturer; b. La Salle Co., 111., 1866; d. Daniel Far- 
rand; Ph.B., State U. of la., 1892; lecturer in nature study in summer schs.; 
inst. in civic improvement and nature subjects since 1903. Add.: Long Beach, 

Lester Burton: coll. prof.; b. nr. Commiskey, Ind., 1875; s. John 
Hamilton; studied U. of Chicago; special lecturer on edn., 1919-20; mem. of 
Phi Delta Kappa; Methodist; Mason. Add.: Los Angeles, Calif. 

Lindsay: univ. prof.; b. Baltimore, Md., 1891; s. George Wilson; grad. 
Baltimore City Coll., 1908; A.B., Johns Hopkins, 1912; Albert Shaw lecturer 
on diplomatic history; author of "The Postal Power of Congress". Add.: 
New York. 

Lore Alford: bacteriologist; b. Patten, Me., 1875; s. Luther B.; B.S., 
U. of Maine, 1896; asst. bacteriologist, N. Y. Expt. Sta., Geneva, N. Y., 
1899-1902; mem. Soc. Am. Bacteriologists (pres. 1923). Add.: Washington, 
D. C. 


Louis William: theosophist; b. in Lima Co., Iowa, 1859; s. John Foster; 
student Western Coll., Toledo, la.; Nat. pres. Am. Theos. Soc, since 1920; 
lecturer; Author of "Hints to Young Students of Occultism" (1908). Add.: 

Mary Cochrane: writer. 

Max: comedian. 

McLain: surgeon; b. Clyde, N. C, 1874; s. James Jackson; pres. of bd. 
and surgeon-in-chief, Clinton City Hosp. Add.: Clinton, Okla. 

Oscar H.: M.D.; b. Green Island, N. Y., 1857; s. William Clute; prep, 
edn. Troy (N. Y.) Acad.; chief med. dir. since 1912, N. Y. Life Ins. Co.; 
mem. of University Club. Add.: New York. 

Philip Fletcher: surgeon; b. Milwaukee, 1870; s. George James; grad. 
Yale, 1894; Interne Mercy Hosp., Chicago, 1897-99; Fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons; on surg. staff Base Hosp. No. 22 in France, 1918-1919. Add.: Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Robert William: Orientalist; b. Phila., 1864; s. Dr. Samuel; grad. 
Central High Sch., Phila., 1880; grad. U. of Pa., 1886; spends summers in 
Europe and the Orient; mem. congresses of Orientalists at Stockholm and 
Christiana ,1889; author of "The Recovery of the Ancient Orient". Add.: 
Madison, N. J. 

Walter Stowell: b. Chicago, 111., 1877; s. Charles A.; LL.B., Chicago 
Kent Coll. of Law, 1905; tech. adviser on elec. communications to Am. Delega- 
tion to Conf. on Limitation of Armament, 1921-22. Add.: New York. 

Warren Lincoln: bishop; b. Allentown, N. J., 1877; s. Samuel Harts- 
horne; B.A., U. of Mich., 1907; Deacon and priest, P. E. Ch., 1911. Add.: 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Will: actor and author; b. Oolagah, I.T., 1879; s. Clem Vann; educ. 
Kemper Mil. Acad., Boonville (short time); began in vaudeville, 1905; with 
Ziegfeld Follies since 1914; author of many humorous books. Add.: Beverly 
Hills, Calif. 

William Allen: cartoonist; b. Springfield, Ohio, 1854; s. Wm. Allen; 
educ. Worcester Poly. Inst, (non-grad); illustrator and cartoonist for many 
newspapers and mags. Author of "Hits at Politics" (cartoons). Add.: 
Washington, D. C. 

William Arthur: retired iron mfr.; b. Berkshire, N. Y., 1851; s. Dr. M.; 
began as clerk L. R. Hull & Co., pig iron, Cincinnati, 1874, became jr. partner 
3 yrs. later. He and another jr. partner formed own business under name of 
Roger and Trivett. Add.: Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Banks: clergyman; b. Cincinnati, 1857; s. Jo eph Hill; studied 
at var. schs., includ. Woodstock Coll., Md.; taught English and classics, St. 
Ignatius Coll., Chicago, 1882-84. Add.: St. Louis, Mo. 

William Nathaniel: ex-congressman; b. Sanbornville, N. H., 1892; 
s. Herbert; LL.B., Univ. of Me., 1916; mem. of N. H. House of Reps., several 
terms; mem. 68th Congress. Add.: Sanbornville, N. H. 

Wynne Grey: judge; b. New Orleans, La., 1874; s. Owen Wynne; educ. 
pub. and pvt. schs.; admitted to bar, 1896, and practiced at New Orleans; 


mem. of Am. and State Bar Assns.; Episcopalian; mem. of Chess, Checkers 
and Whist Club. Add.: New Orleans, La. 


There are in the United States towns as follows: 

Rogers: Ark., Ky., La., Minn., Nebr., N. Mex., N. Dak., Ohio, Tex., 
Va.; Rogersburg: Wash.; Rogers City: Mich.; Rogers Gap: Ky.; Roger- 
son: Idaho; Rogers Park: 111.; Rogers Rock: N. Y.; Rogers Springs: 
Tenn.; Rogersville: Ala., Mo., Pa., Tenn. There are also in the United 
States numerous counties, townships, streets, avenues, etc., bearing the name 
"Rogers". This is eloquent testimony to the high esteem in which the name 
is held in this country. 


The compiler of these records has made up a list from city and telephone 
directories of the United States, and from other sources, as follows. Care 
was taken to eliminate, wherever possible, persons known or believed to be 
colored, or of nationalities other than British and American: 

Alabama 170 

Arizona 43 

Arkansas 72 

California 918 

Colorado 191 

Connecticut 289 

District of Columbia. . . 117 


Florida 335 

Georgia 218 

Idaho 26 

Illinois 597 

Indiana 375 

Iowa 238 

Kansas 118 

Kentucky 186 

Louisiana 45 

Maine 120 

Maryland Ill 

Massachusetts 872 

Michigan 453 

Minnesota 178 

Mississippi 38 

Missouri 221 

Montana 58 

Nebraska 83 

Nevada 6 

New Hampshire 95 

New Jersey 256 

New Mexico 17 

New York 1389 

North Carolina 114 

North Dakota 4 

Ohio 660 

Oklahoma 230 

Oregon 40 

Pennsylvania 524 

Rhode Island 124 

South Carolina 15 

South Dakota 10 

Tennessee 391 

Texas 701 

Utah 50 

Vermont 50 

Virginia 130 

Washington 280 

West Virginia 112 

Wisconsin 137 

Wyoming 6 

Total 11,413 

To secure an estimate of the "Rogers population" of the United States, 
we figure as follows: 



Only about half the names were taken from each directory 
consulted 2 

Half of the Rogerses reside in the rural districts or in small 
towns having no printed directories which were available to us 2 

There are an average of more than four persons in each American 


family 4 

Since Rogers daughters marry and have as many descendants as 
the Rogers sons, there are as many descendants of "other names" as 
there are bearing the name Rogers (though it is much easier to 
locate the latter) 2 

By multiplying each figure of column (a) into the preceding 
figure, we have a total of 32 

Conservative estimate of the Rogers population of the United 
States, one-half of whom bear the name Rogers and one-half of whom 
bear other names 365,216 

The estimated Rogers population of any of the states may be 
obtained by multiplying the figures shown by 32. The Rogers popu- 
lation of the British Empire is probably equal to that in the United 


For several centuries the Rogerses lived in England, Wales and North 
Ireland. Most of the British (with the exception of those living in South 
Ireland), and, likewise, the Rogerses were and are of the Protestant faith. 

There are a few Rogerses of the Catholic faith in the British Isles, but it 
is estimated that their number does not exceed seven per cent of the entire 
Rogers population. 

The Rogerses who came from the British Isles to America continued in 
the faith of their fathers, for the most part, though their descendants in this 
country today will be found in the memberships of practically all the various 
churches. It is estimated that of all the Rogerses in America who are church 
members, at least ninety-five per cent are of the Protestant faith. 

Biographical sketches of sixty-six Rogerses appear in WHO'S WHO IN 
AMERICA. Their religious faiths are shown as follows: CONGREGA- 


All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. 
Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical socie- 
ties. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American 

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59 Rogers Family of England, embracing John Rogers, the Martyr, and 
Descendants, John Cox Underwood, NewYork, 1911. 















































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